Defining Hospital-Grade Breast Pumps and How to Get One

If you’re searching for the perfect breast pump, you’ve likely seen the term “hospital-grade.” Indicative of a pump’s suction strength, this standard product descriptor is often used to advertise some of the market’s top-quality breast pumps. However, many new and expecting mamas don’t know what a hospital-grade pump truly entails. That’s where we come in!

At Pumps for Mom, we help new and expecting moms get the tools they need to navigate the early stages of motherhood. We offer an extensive catalog of high-quality breast pumps that cater to moms of all different lifestyles and needs. Not to mention, they’re free through insurance! Before you get too excited about your free breast pump through insurance, let’s discuss what it means when a pump is hospital-grade.

In this blog, we’ll deep dive into hospital-grade breast pumps by exploring the following topics:

  • Defining hospital-grade breast pumps
  • Comparing hospital-grade breast pumps with standard double-electric pumps
  • Obtaining hospital-grade breast pumps through insurance

What is a Hospital-Grade Breast Pump?

A hospital-grade breast pump is an advanced, multi-user breast pump used in hospital settings for mothers medically incapable of natural breastfeeding. Some of the common conditions that could warrant a hospital-grade pump include mastitis, congenital disabilities, your baby being kept in the NICU, prolonged separation between you and your baby at birth, or giving birth to twins, triplets, or more. Outside of hospitals, moms can obtain hospital-grade pumps through monthly rental services. 

How is a Hospital-Grade Breast Pump different from A Standard Pump? 

What sets a hospital-grade breast pump apart from a standard, double-electric pump is its power, size, and programming. These industrial-size, multi-user pumps generate optimal suction power, working to generate maximum milk supply from its user. That said, most lactation consultants will recommend a hospital-grade pump for mothers inhibited from total milk production because of the above mentioned medical conditions. 

Below is a breakdown of the key differences between hospital-grade pumps and their standard, double-electric counterparts: 

User Experience

Hospital-grade breast pumps offer multi-user capabilities, while personal pumps are more limited. Hospital-grade pumps have closed systems, which use protective barriers to prevent excess liquid from disrupting the motor. This system makes them safe for multiple users, as contamination risk is minimal. Meanwhile, standard double-electric pumps for personal use are intended to be used by one person, given they lack the protective capabilities of hospital-grade pumps. 


Hospital-grade breast pumps are substantially bigger than standard, personal pumps. That said, they aren’t the most practical if you’re a mom on the go. If you plan to stay put while you pump, a hospital-grade pump is adequate. Otherwise, you might consider a portable breast pump instead. 


If you’re looking for some extra power, opt for a hospital-grade breast pump. These industrial-sized pumps are more powerful than their personal-use counterparts. When using a hospital-grade pump, you’ll notice you produce more milk in less time. This outstanding efficiency and horsepower often make moms lean toward these rental options. 

How Can I Get a Hospital-Grade Breast Pump Through Insurance? 

Getting a hospital-grade breast pump through insurance looks a little different than how you would a standard personal pump. While insurance companies are required to cover pregnancy and childbirth services (courtesy of the Affordable Care Act), hospital-grade breast pumps are an exception. Most insurance providers only cover these pumps if they are a medical necessity. Generally, a mom will use a hospital-grade pump during their postpartum stay at the hospital if needed. If they want to use one after that point, they must rent a pump through their doctor or insurance provider. 

Looking to discover your options for obtaining a hospital-grade breast pump through insurance? We can help! Coverage can be tricky with these kinds of pumps, so we want to make sure you’re able to get the tools you need to feed your little one comfortably. If you need assistance, call our Maternity Product Specialists at 888-411-7231, and we can help you navigate your specific plan’s coverage. 

Ready to Find Your Perfect Breast Pump? 

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