Best Breast Pumps for 2023 Moms

If you’re having a baby in 2023, you know there’s a lot to look forward to. Whether this is your first child or another addition to your family, the arrival of your little one is sure to change your life forever. Moms due in 2023 have likely done their fair share of research to ensure their baby’s arrival runs as smoothly as possible. From deciding on a birthing plan to researching the best breast pumps through insurance, you know the planning and prep phase before your baby’s arrival may seem endless. 

Luckily, when it comes to the best breast pumps for 2023 moms, you won’t have to scour the internet in search of answers. Pumps for Mom can help you determine which one is right for you. Below, you’ll find some of the best pumps you can obtain through our handy order form. You can even qualify to receive a breast pump through insurance—at no cost to you! 

Willow Go™

Step into the twenty-first century with the Willow Go™ pump. As one of the best breast pumps on the market, the Willow Go™ pump removes the need for bulky cables and loud motors. Its sleek and compact design gives you the power and freedom to use both hands; so you can focus on other things while pumping. Additionally, you can keep track of your sessions with the Willow Go™ app, compatible with iOS and Android.

Spectra® Synergy Gold 

Want total control over your pumping experience? The Spectra® Synergy Gold uses advanced dual motor technology to give moms absolute freedom. The dual motor technology allows moms to adjust the settings on each pump individually. With an optimal combination of strength, comfort, and quietness, the Spectra® Synergy Gold is the best breast pump for moms wanting a pump that has it all. 

Medela Swing Maxi™

This Medela breast pump is among the most popular in the Medela line because of its versatility. The Medela Swing Maxi™ breast pump features a long battery life, 2-Phase Expression® technology, and a soft rim that optimizes comfort. The Swing Maxi™ boasts a sleek design and portability; ideal for the mom on-the-go. Through the Medela Family App, moms can track their pumping journey and view their personalized profile tailored to their unique needs. 

Elvie Double Electric Breast Pump

If you’re a mom who needs a quiet pump, the Elvie Double Electric Breast Pump is the best breast pump for you. Designed for modern lives, the lightweight and compact Elvie Double Electric breast pump can be worn inside a standard nursing bra. Also, busy moms won’t have to dread whenever they have to clean their Elvie pump. Each pump only has five pieces to clean, so it is easy to assemble and disassemble. 


With the help of Pumps for Mom, your search for the perfect breast pump is at the end of your fingertips. We help 2023 moms find the best breast pump through insurance with ease. Obtain a free breast pump through insurance without the hassle, so you can focus on the awesome year ahead with your little one. Head to our form or contact us today to get a free breast pump!