Hospital-Grade vs. Hospital Strength Breast Pumps - What's the Difference_

Hospital Strength vs. Hospital Grade Breast Pumps—What’s the Difference?

For some first-time moms, it can feel like there is an endless variety of maternity products that may as well be described in a foreign language. With so many different products and breast pumps dedicated to helping moms through their breastfeeding journey, it can be difficult to know which items are right for you! And […]

Best Time to Order a Breast Pump

Best Time to Order a Breast Pump

There is no shortage of tasks that must be completed during pregnancy. With doctor’s appointments every other week, a nursery to plan, and names to pick, an expectant mom has a lot to think about! A common question on the minds of many moms-to-be is when to order a breast pump through insurance to be […]

Tips to Choosing the Best Postpartum Compression Garments for You

Tips for Choosing the Best Postpartum Compression Garment for You

Congratulations on welcoming your new baby into the world, mama! Enjoy these moments as you take care of your little one, but don’t forget to take care of yourself, too. You’ll need to take it slow for a few weeks, and a compression product may help you prioritize your body’s recovery from pregnancy and delivery. […]