Qualities to Look for in a Postpartum Compression Garment

5 Qualities to Look for in a Postpartum Compression Garment

Postpartum compression garments have come a long way from the traditional girdles of previous generations. Today’s postpartum recovery products are more comfortable, supportive, and versatile than ever before, but all garments available today do not provide identical benefits. Read below to explore five important qualities to look for in a postpartum compression garment and how […]

Medela vs. Spectra Breast Pumps

Medela vs. Spectra Breast Pumps – Which is Right for You?

As two of the most popular breast pump brands, Medela and Spectra are excellent choices for expectant moms to consider as they prepare to breastfeed. However, it’s not always easy to know which of these brands has the best breast pump for you! Medela and Spectra breast pumps have plenty of benefits in common, but […]

Power Pumping and Breast Milk Supply

Power Pumping and Breast Milk Supply

Whether breastfeeding occasionally or pumping exclusively, breast milk supply is top of mind for most nursing moms. And as moms introduce a breast pump into their breastfeeding routine, many wonder how breast pumps can affect the breast milk supply throughout the breastfeeding process. While perhaps not a mainstream method that moms have relied on for […]

Maternity Belly Band

Benefits of a Maternity Belly Band

Pregnancy is no easy task, which is why we believe that expectant moms are real-life superheroes. However, even superheroes need a hand from their sidekicks sometimes. Meet the perfect helper for expectant moms–the maternity belly band. From consistent pain relief to adjustable sizing features, the right belly band can change a pregnant mom’s life. Read […]

Hospital-Grade vs. Hospital Strength Breast Pumps - What's the Difference_

Hospital Strength vs. Hospital Grade Breast Pumps—What’s the Difference?

For some first-time moms, it can feel like there is an endless variety of maternity products that may as well be described in a foreign language. With so many different products and breast pumps dedicated to helping moms through their breastfeeding journey, it can be difficult to know which items are right for you! And […]