Product Spotlight: Willow Breast Pumps

If you follow our socials, chances are you’ve heard the amazing news: we now offer Willow breast pumps! We are so excited to welcome the Willow brand into our Pumps for Mom line of premium pumps through insurance. If you thought pumps couldn’t meet luxury, you haven’t seen what Willow pumps can do. The Willow […]

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What to Expect While Breastfeeding

Whether or not this is your first child, chances are you’ve been doing everything you can to ensure your transition from pregnancy to early parenthood is as smooth as possible. From baby books to endless social media infographics, moms can prepare for their little ones in a million different ways. If you’ve decided to breastfeed, […]

When to Replace Breast Pump Parts

When you’re a breastfeeding mom, your breast pump may as well be your best friend. A pump is a crucial part of your nursing journey, as it helps you and your baby reap all the benefits of breastfeeding more efficiently. Since a pump is so important, it’s vital to take good care of it and […]

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Breast Pump Accessories You Should Know About

Breastfeeding mamas may look for ways to maximize their nursing experience. From comfortable pumps to tips and tricks, moms have a plethora of resources to help their breastfeeding journey be a smooth one. To improve their breastfeeding experience, some moms must look outside the box and consider items outside just “the basics.” While a high-quality […]