Product Spotlight: Willow Breast Pumps

If you follow our socials, chances are you’ve heard the amazing news: we now offer Willow breast pumps! We are so excited to welcome the Willow brand into our Pumps for Mom line of premium pumps through insurance. If you thought pumps couldn’t meet luxury, you haven’t seen what Willow pumps can do. The Willow pumps offer sleek aesthetics and maximum discretion for moms wanting quiet, portable pumping sessions. The best part? You could potentially obtain a Willow breast pump through insurance!

Cordless, wearable, and hands-free—there’s a lot to love about Willow pumps. Willow invented the first in-bra, wearable pump and the Willow 3.0 is now the first and only pump with an apple watch companion app. Tempted to give Willow pumps a try? We’re here to seal the deal for you. By reading below, you can learn about all the Willow pumps you can get at Pumps for Mom. Found the perfect pump for you? You could obtain any of these Willow breast pumps through insurance, for free!

Willow® 3.0

For moms wanting complete mobility and freedom, the Willow® 3.0 is for you. The Willow® 3.0 breast pump offers a wearable, in-bra design and 360 leakproof mobility. Its mobility features allow moms to pump in any position, even lying down, without fear of spills. Moms can track milk volume in real-time, record pumping sessions, and control suction levels in its own convenient app or from your Apple Watch.

What’s Included

Ordering a Willow® 3.0 kit sets you up for pumping success. Your kit includes these goodies: 

  • Two Willow® 3.0 pumps
  • Two 24mm flanges
  • Two flex tubes
  • Two cleaning brushes
  • One charging cable
  • One charger
  • Twenty-four 4 oz milk bags

The milk bags included with your kit are a great way for you to pump as soon as you receive your kit! No need to shop around for milk bags for a while. 

Willow Go™

Say goodbye to bulky pumps of the past and say hello to Willow Go™. The Willow Go™ pump is a more affordable alternative that offers all the perks and luxuries of a Willow-branded breast pump. This wearable pump gives moms the utmost freedom, with no wires, tubes, or noisy motors. Willow Go™ pumps are small but mighty: they have six levels of hospital-grade suction and nine levels of expression. 

What’s Included

The Willow Go™ pump kit includes everything you need to pump anywhere, anytime. When ordering your kit, it should include the following items: 

  • Two Willow Go™ pumps
  • Two 21mm flanges
  • Two 24mm flanges
  • Two container backs
  • Two 5 oz container bowls
  • Two pump Diaphragms
  • Two duckbill valves
  • Two USB charging cables

The containers that come with the Willow Go™ kit are eco-friendly and reusable, so you can focus on making the most of your pumping journey. 

Want to get a Willow pump for all your pumping needs? We can’t blame you. The best part is that you can obtain Willow breast pumps through insurance at no cost to you! Pumps for Mom prides itself in being a liaison between moms and their insurance providers. We help moms obtain free breast pumps through insurance without the hassle. With our help, moms can focus on their little ones and make the best out of their breastfeeding journey. Head to our form or contact us today to get your free breast pump!