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Life just got a little less crazy. Our pumps are comfortable, flexible, and fully in-bra — one less thing to worry about. Willow pumps are cord-free, hands-free, and totally wearable—giving you the freedom to live life with both hands. No more bulky and loud pumps with dangling parts and cords; Willow’s sleek design is discreet and quiet—like pumping should be. See if you qualify for a Willow breast pump through insurance with help from the Pumps for Mom team.

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What are my Willow Breast Pump Options at Pumps for Mom?

Pumps for Mom’s selection of Willow breast pumps includes the Willow 360 and the Willow Go. Both options are cord-free, hands-free, and wearable for busy moms looking to sustain an active lifestyle. Read below as we break down each of these coveted Willow models.

The Willow 360 is the only hands-free breast pump that’s 100% leak-proof–built with a patented latch that makes it possible to bend over, lay down, or run around without wasting a drop. It’s fully in-bra with no bulky motor, app-controlled from phone or Apple Watch, and compatible with hygienic self-sealing milk bags (they’re ready to store when removed from the pump) or reusable containers. Includes exclusive access to 360 Care, a personalized support program designed to set you up for pumping success.

Say goodbye to wires, tubes, and noisy motors when you pump with the Willow Go! Designed with the highest capacity of any in-bra pump, the Willow Go lets you do it all without compromising efficiency or comfort. Moms especially love the Willow Go for its affordability and hospital-grade strength. After all, it’s not every day you’ll find a pump with up to -280mmHG at such an affordable price!

Which Willow Breast Pump is Right for Me?

Debating between the Willow 360 and the Willow Go? We’ll help you make your decision, mama! While each of these pumps offers hands-free, portable capabilities, they also have individual features that distinguish them. For example, the Willow 360 is mainly known for its 360° mobility, allowing moms to pump in any position without leaking. Whether relaxing on the couch or doing yoga, this pump guarantees zero spillage and maximum comfort! Meanwhile, the Willow Go is recognized for its affordability and hospital-grade strength. This pump is excellent if you’re on a budget but aren’t willing to sacrifice the quality of your pumping experience.

Can I Use My Willow Breast Pump for Single and Double Pumping?

The answer is yes! Each Willow breast pump kit comes with two pumps, one for each breast, so you can pump both simultaneously and maximize your milk output. However, if you’d only like to use one at a time, that’s okay too! The choice of whether to single or double pump is entirely yours when you choose Willow breast pumps.

What are the Benefits of Willow Breast Pumps?

Considered a pioneer in wearable breast pumps, Willow has redefined comfort and convenience for pumping moms. With a portable, discreet, and compact design, Willow breast pumps have become a staple among active moms who need some flexibility in their pumping schedule. Below, we list some of the top benefits of Willow breast pumps.

Moms love Willow breast pumps for their comfortable, hands-free, in-bra design. Eliminating the need for cords, wires, or bottles, Willow’s wearable breast pumps let moms pump on the go without fear of leaks or tangled cords.

Each Willow breast pump offered at Pumps for Mom has advanced technological capabilities. The Willow Go has an accompanying mobile app allowing moms to adjust suction and connect with maternity experts for personalized guidance. Meanwhile, the Willow 360 offers Apple watch compatibility, meaning you can adjust your suction levels in real-time using your Apple watch!

Willow breast pumps are known for their simple assembly and cleaning process. With minimal parts to clean, Willow breast pumps are easy to take apart and put back together after washing. Not to mention, their components are dishwasher-safe!

Do Willow Breast Pumps offer Hospital-Grade Strength?

Both Willow breast pumps offered at Pumps for Mom have hospital-grade suction. With the Willow 360, moms can choose from two modes and seven suction levels up to 245 mmHg, with smart suction allowing for automatic transitions from stimulation to expression. Similarly, the Willow Go offers two pumping modes and 15 adjustable suction levels up to -280 mmHg. That’s some real horsepower, mama!

How Do I Properly Clean My Willow Breast Pump?

We recommend cleaning your Willow breast pump after every use to prevent any residue, mold growth, or bacteria contamination. Luckily, the cleaning process is straightforward and should only take a few minutes! Follow the steps below to clean your Willow breast pump between uses properly:

  • Disassemble your Willow breast pump, including the tubing, bottles, milk collection bags, flanges, valves, and connectors.
  • Rinse each part to remove any residual milk. Then, clean each by hand or in your dishwasher. If cleaning by hand, make sure to place each component in a wash basin filled with hot water and soap.
  • Follow instructions for scrubbing pump parts using a sponge or brush. Your cleaning tool should be solely used to clean your pump kit.
  • Rinse each part under running water or submerge them in a separate basin of fresh water.
  • Leave your pump parts to air dry on a clean cloth or paper towel. Don’t pat them dry. This could transfer germs!

Can I get a Willow Breast Pump Free through Insurance?

The answer is yes! Getting a Willow breast pump free through insurance is easy when you trust Pumps for Mom. Using our simple three-step process, we’ll verify your insurance coverage, help you pick your Willow breast pump, and ship your product right to you! It’s really as easy as 1-2-3! Fill out our form today to qualify for a free Willow breast pump through insurance, or contact our maternity product specialists for additional assistance.

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