Product Highlight: The Zomee Breast Pump

If you’re researching breast pumps, you know choosing the right one is essential for your breastfeeding journey. The right pump can help make your pumping journey a breeze and allow you to enjoy your time with your baby. But with so many amazing options available, it may be hard to pinpoint which pump is right for you. If you’re on the hunt for the best versatile breast pump, allow us to introduce you to the Zomee brand. The Zomee breast pump is among many moms’ favorites, and it’s obvious why. 

By now, moms know that Pumps for Mom has their back. When it comes to offering the best pumps on the market, the Pumps for Mom list of breast pumps through insurance is carefully curated to fit the lifestyles of every mom. So, read on below to learn more about our available Zomee pumps, the Zomee Z2 Rechargeable Double Breast Pump. And because we want you to have absolutely everything you need, we’ll also go over our available Zomee collection cups. 

Zomee Z2 Rechargeable Double Breast Pump

With the Zomee Z2 Rechargeable Double Breast Pump, pumping is a breeze. This Zomee breast pump features state-of-the-art technology, as clearly shown by its ingenious touch screen and double suction capabilities. Its alternating double suction pattern stimulates the breast, allowing moms to express more milk in less time. The Zomee Z2 Rechargeable Double Breast Pump makes it easy for moms needing to pump at night, because of its silent motor and built-in LCD night light. 

What’s Included 

When you order a Zomee Z2 Rechargeable Double Breast Pump, you’ll be receiving a true treat. Ordering this Zomee pump includes:

  • Zomee Z2 Double Electric Pump
  • One USB Power cable
  • One AC Adapter 120-240V
  • Two breast shield bodies
  • Two diaphragms
  • Two diaphragms cover caps
  • Two regular valves
  • Four membranes
  • Two duckbill valves
  • Two 24 mm breast shields
  • Two 24 mm soft silicone massagers
  • Two 24 mm breast shield cover caps
  • Two 28 mm breast shields
  • Two 28 mm Soft Silicone Massagers
  • Two 28 mm breast shield cover caps
  • Two 14” tubes
  • Two 26” tube
  • Two 140 ml Zomee Bottles
  • Two bottle nipples
  • Two bottle caps
  • Two standard neck bottle adapters
  • Two breast shield base stands
  • One Zomee instruction booklet & warranty information

Although this kit is pretty all-inclusive, Zomee’s offers don’t stop there. The Zomee collection cups are among the most popular in the market and the perfect accessory for your order. 

Zomee Hands-Free Collection Cups

If you’re a mom on the go, you will love the Zomee Hands-Free Collection Cups. These collection cups can be worn inside a standard nursing bra, so you can make your Zomee breast-pumping experience one of freedom. 

Zomee Hands-Free Silicone Collection Cups

The perfect companion to your Zomee breast pump, Zomee Hands-Free Silicone Collection Cups are the ideal match for moms looking for the utmost comfort. These leak-proof cups have a closed system design for maximum security and can fit inside a standard nursing bra. 

Ready to get your perfect Zomee bundle? We can’t wait to help you every step of the way. You can receive your Zomee breast pump through insurance, at no cost to you! We offer a wide range of breast pumps through insurance, so moms are spoiled for options. With our help, moms can focus on their little ones without the stress of dealing with insurance. Head to our form or contact us today to get your free breast pump!