Elvie Breast Pumps

Elvie Breast Pumps

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Pump anytime, anywhere! Elvie breast pumps make it possible to pump on your own terms – ditch the hours spent tethered to a wall or cleaning tubes. These are some of the smallest, lightest and quietest wearable breast pumps on the market today.

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Elvie Stride


What are my Elvie Breast Pump Options at Pumps for Mom?

Pumps for Mom offers two Elvie breast pumps through insurance. Each option is a wonderful pick for moms who want to pump on their own terms – anytime, anywhere! Learn more about each of our Elvie breast pumps below.

The Elvie Double Electric seamlessly fits into any modern mama’s lifestyle. With a portable, lightweight design and a convenient, paired smartphone app, the Elvie Double Electric makes for the ultimate wearable breast pump experience! And did we mention that the Elvie Double Electric is the world’s first silent breast pump? This model’s state-of-the-art technology eliminates noise, so you can enjoy peace and quiet as you pump.

Are you always on the go? The Elvie Stride will be your right hand! Designed for mamas on the move, this hands-free, electric breast pump frees users from sockets and restrictive wires, allowing them to pump anytime, anywhere! When you choose the Elvie Stride, expect complete control and convenience with the pump’s ultra-quiet motor, user-friendly mobile app, and comfortable, wearable design.

Which Elvie Breast Pump is Right for Me?

If you’re wondering which Elvie breast pump is right for you, we’ve got the answers! Between the Elvie Stride and the Elvie Double Electric, there’s no wrong choice. However, one pump might fit your lifestyle better than the other. The Elvie Double Electric is perfect for moms who prioritize comfort. With an ultra-quiet motor and a seamless fit, this pump is the perfect addition to your daily routine. The Elvie Stride offers these same advantages, with the added benefits of hospital-grade strength and single and double pumping capabilities. Ultimately, both models are hands-free, discreet, and comfortable options that elevate your breastfeeding journey.

Can I Use My Elvie Breast Pump for Single and Double Pumping?

When you choose Elvie, you’ll have the option to single or double pump. Elvie breast pumps are set up so you can customize your pumping session to fit your needs. Whether you’re a working mom always double-pumping or a slow-paced, stay-at-home mama with a single-pump lifestyle, Elvie offers the flexibility you need to make the right choice for you!

What are the Benefits of Elvie Breast Pumps?

Elvie is a beloved brand among new and expecting moms – and for good reason! With an ultra-silent motor, user-friendly technology, hassle-free cleaning, and more, Elvie offers numerous benefits that set it apart from other breast pump brands. Below is an outline of some of the top benefits provided by Elvie breast pumps:

If you didn’t know already, Elvie created the first silent wearable breast pump! Ask any mom, and they’ll tell you you can’t hear a peep when you pump with Elvie. Each Elvie breast pump has an ultra-quiet motor, allowing for discreet and comfortable usage. Expressing breast milk has never been so easy – and silent!

Elvie breast pumps are a great pick for first-time moms. These pumps have a very simple and straightforward setup, all thanks to their accompanying mobile apps! The Elvie breast pump connects to Bluetooth so moms can track their milk expression on their free Elvie app. Using their smartphone, moms can monitor milk volume in real-time, track pumping history for each breast, control the pump remotely, and more!

With all the daily messes moms deal with, the last thing they need is another one to clean up. Elvie breast pumps offer hassle-free cleaning so moms don’t have to stress about pumping cleanup. Each pump has only five parts that can be cleaned and assembled in a matter of seconds.

Is Elvie a Hospital-Grade Pump?

Elvie offers pumps with hospital-grade strength. The Elvie Stride is one of the most popular top-strength models. With hospital strength up to -270 mmHG, plus two modes and 20 intensity settings, the Elvie Stride is perfect for moms needing extra horsepower. Not to mention, it also has advanced, closed-system technology that protects mother and baby from harmful contaminants.

How Do I Properly Clean My Elvie Breast Pump?

Washing your Elvie breast pump between uses is essential for mom and baby’s hygiene. Luckily, Elvie breast pumps allow for quick and easy cleanings. After each use, take apart your Elvie breast pump, separating the valve, spout, bottle, seal, and breast shield. Then, clean each component by rinsing it with cold, clear water, followed by washing in warm weather and dishwashing soap. Rinse once more with cold, clear water and leave to dry. Alternatively, you can leave your parts to wash on the top shelf of your dishwasher.

Can I get a free Elvie Breast Pump through insurance?

Of course you can, mama! With help from the Pumps for Mom team, new and expecting moms can qualify for a free Elive breast pump through insurance. The Affordable Care Act requires insurance providers to cover pregnancy and maternity-related services and goods, including breast pumps! Knowing that, all you have to do is verify your coverage with your provider and then let Pumps for Mom take it from there. Fill out our form today to discover if you’re eligible for a free Elvie breast pump through insurance, or contact one of our maternity product specialists for additional guidance!

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