Compression Products

Pumps for Mom has partnered with Body After Baby to provide active moms with the next generation of “smart” maternity and postpartum compression support and recovery wear designed to improve comfort, reduce pain, and speed up recovery so you can focus on your baby, while we focus on your body!

Maternity compression garments can offer relief from a variety of issues associated with pregnancy and postpartum discomfort by providing targeted support. Every garment is different and specialized for specific pregnancy stages; ask your physician if he or she thinks one might be right for your unique situation.

The road to motherhood is not an easy one. Nine months of pregnancy, followed by labor and delivery, can take a toll on the body. Thankfully, maternity compression garments can help moms feel their best as their bodies work to keep their little ones safe. Whether you are looking for a maternity support band or compression socks to support you through your pregnancy or you are looking for a postpartum recovery garment, Pumps for Mom has you covered. Talk with your doctor to see if a maternity compression garment is right for you and order through your insurance with Pumps for Mom.
Niner right 525


Premium Support Band

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Motherload Maternity Band 250x250


Maternity Support Band

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Angelica Natural Birth Recovery Garment Front View-Nude 250x250


Postpartum Recovery Garment

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Sienna C-Section Recovery Garment-Nude 250x250


C-Section Recovery Garment

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Capa Maternity Compression Socks-Teal Stripe 525x525


Compression Socks

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