Navigating the world of health insurance is rarely easy, but for new and expectant moms, understanding your health insurance is the key to taking full advantage of your coverage and benefits. Pumps for Mom makes it easy to see exactly which insurance breast pumps and compression products are available with your specific plan, so you and your little one can feel your best throughout pregnancy and beyond. Learn how to get a breast pump through UnitedHealthcare and get the most out of your insurance coverage with Pumps for Mom.


Does UnitedHealthcare Cover Breast Pumps?

Many expectant moms may decide they want to breastfeed with a breast pump but are confused about how to get a breast pump through insurance. Good news, mamas-to-be! UnitedHealthcare has got your back. Most UHC plans cover a double electric breast pump at no cost to parents when ordered through an online retailer that partners with your insurance plan. If you buy a breast pump out-of-pocket at a retail store, however, UHC cannot offer a reimbursement, so be sure to confirm your coverage and your breast pump supplier before purchasing. 

How Can I Get a Breast Pump Through UnitedHealthcare?

Pumps for Mom makes it easy to see which breast pumps are covered by your UnitedHealthcare plan and the out-of-pocket cost you may owe depending on your coverage. UHC claims that some moms do not need a prescription to get a breast pump, but check your unique coverage to be sure. According to UHC, qualified members may obtain a breast pump within 30 days of your estimated delivery date, but this doesn’t mean you can’t order your breast pump farther in advance! At Pumps for Mom, you can qualify for your insurance breast pump through us, confirm your order, and then relax for the remainder of your pregnancy. We make sure not to bill your insurance until you are within the range of coverage, then we will ship your breast pump to you. 

Does UnitedHealthcare Offer Other Support?

Every insurance plan is different, but UnitedHealthcare offers some maternity support programs that you may be able to benefit from depending on your coverage. Your plan may include lactation counseling, where you can receive individualized support to help you through the breastfeeding and breast pumping process. Some plans may also cover replacement parts for your breast pump, while others may require you to go through the warranty from your pump manufacturer. 

Did you know some insurance plans also cover maternity and postpartum compression garments? These specially designed products are made with moms’ changing bodies in mind and may be covered through your UHC insurance. With maternity support bands and specific postpartum recovery garments depending on your delivery method, Pumps for Mom compression products can help you feel your best throughout every phase of motherhood.

Whether you are ready to get your breast pump through UnitedHealthcare or are looking into maternity compression products, you can rely on the experts at Pumps for Mom to help you every step of the way. 


Figuring out your health insurance coverage can be challenging, but the team at Pumps for Mom has everything handled. Our experts are passionate about getting new and expectant moms the best breast pumps and compression products to make their lives just a little bit easier. Our qualification form makes it quick and easy for moms to see which breast pumps and compression garments they qualify for through their insurance. Pregnancy is hard enough–let Pumps for Mom take care of your breast pump needs.