How to Pack Your Breast Pump Bag

A lot goes into breast pumping, and it can be intimidating to pack it all to pump on the go. Pumps for Mom has your back, mama! We know exactly what you need to make pumping anywhere more comfortable. Check out the items you need below.  

Quality Pump Bag

First things first, you need a good bag to store all of your pumping supplies. Get something with plenty of room, a comfortable shoulder strap, and enough pockets to organize everything you need.  

Breast Pump

We know this one is pretty obvious, but in case you’re using this as a checklist, we didn’t want to leave anything off! A breast pump is, of course, key. Portable electric breast pumps are some of the easiest ones to use on the go. 

Breast Pump Parts 

In addition to the pump itself, include any breast pump parts you might need, like tubing, flanges, connectors, and membranes. You may or may not always need all of your accessories, but it never hurts to have them on hand. 

Writing Utensil

A writing utensil isn’t necessarily crucial to include. For example, if you’re returning to work, you may be in an environment with pens handy. Still, consider including something to write with so that you can label bottles or storage bags. 

Hands-Free Pumping Bra

A hands-free pumping bra lets you place your pump inside and let the milk flow freely. You can even continue working with a hands-free operation or take a well-deserved break. Plus, it makes it much easier if you’re pumping while out and about. 

Charger or Battery Pack 

Depending on your pump type, you might need a charger or battery pack to ensure that you can always use it. You don’t want your pump to die on you! Keeping these things handy will give you peace of mind that you can pump anywhere, anytime. 

Milk Collection Bottles

You’re going to need containers to store your milk! Collection bottles are one easy way to store milk and feed your baby later. Simply fill them up, screw on the lid, label, and you’re good to go. 

Milk Collection Bags 

Some moms opt for collection bags instead of bottles. Bags easily store lots of milk in the freezer to save for later. Plus, they’re easy to pack. Slip some milk collection bags into your breast pump bag to stock up for baby. 

Snacks and Water

You’re burning many calories while pumping and must keep your nutrition levels up. Pack a few healthy snacks to have on hand while you’re pumping. Check out this list of recommended foods to eat while breastfeeding for more advice on what to pack. Make sure to bring a bottle of water and stay hydrated as well! 

Breast Pads

Leaking is super common while breastfeeding and pumping, and it’s no fun to leak when you’re out and about. Pack extra breast pads to keep yourself protected and dry. You can even find reusable breast pads that easily fit in your packed bag. 

Nipple Cream

You never know when sensitive nipples may strike, and it’s best to have cream on hand at all times. Apply small amounts of cream before and after pumping to help with discomfort. 


Ideally, you can pump in a clean, dedicated space, but we know this isn’t always the case. Bring disinfectant wipes to clean any surfaces that need it. We also recommend hand sanitizer to cleanse your hands before pumping. 

Nursing Cover

Throw a nursing cover or blanket over your lap to catch any drips from pumping. Some moms also choose to throw over their breasts as a cover, depending on your approach to pumping. This is only needed if it makes you more comfortable!

Cooler and Ice Pack

A portable cooler and ice pack are good for transporting your milk if you aren’t in a place, like an office, with an available refrigerator. Collection bags tend to fit better into a cooler than bottles. 


One of the many tricks moms have up their sleeves is putting all pump parts that come into contact with milk in baggies and refrigerating them after use. Refrigeration means these parts don’t need to be washed immediately and won’t grow bacteria from warm milk. 

Extra Clothing

In case of leaks, bring extra clothing with you, especially another shirt. This will help with discomfort if you leak or spill on your clothing while pumping. 

Picture of Your Baby

Finally, consider keeping a photo of your baby nearby. Sometimes, your breasts need a little extra stimulation when preparing to express milk. A reminder of your baby will signal to your body that it’s time to feed. 

At Pumps for Mom, we’re here to help moms tackle all nursing challenges easily. We offer breast pumps covered by insurance, accessories, and compression garments. If you have any questions or want to start building your collection, simply fill out our online form to get started!