Pain-Free Pumping: Choosing the Right Breast Pump for Your Comfort

Breast pumping is supposed to be a seamless, pain-free experience. But unfortunately, comfort isn’t always guaranteed. Choosing a breast pump that’s misaligned with your body or lifestyle can taint your pumping experience. This is why it’s essential to find the right breast pump for your comfort, and luckily, our experts are here to help you do just that! 

At Pumps for Mom, we want all moms to enjoy their pumping experiences. With help from our maternity product experts, you can discover some of the market’s top-rated breast pumps and find one fitting for your body and lifestyle. Below, our experts offer valuable guidance to help you choose the right breast pump for your comfort. 

In this blog, our experts share their insights on how to find a comfortable breast pump. They recommend following the steps below to find the right pump for you:

  • Consider the pump’s size and weight
  • Determine your flange size
  • Get the right bra
  • Accommodate your lifestyle 

Consider the Pump’s Size and Weight

Breast pumps come in all shapes and sizes. While some can fit in the palm of your hand, others take up a bit more space. Before you commit to a pump, determine which size and weight will be most comfortable for you and your lifestyle. You might be okay with a larger, heavier pump if you’re a stay-at-home mom. However, if you’re a working mom on the go, a lightweight, portable option might be a better fit. Ultimately, the size and weight of your pump should be a top determining factor for your selection. If not, your pump might become quite an inconvenience. 

Determine Your Flange Size

Flange size and comfort go hand in hand when breast pumping. Breast pump flanges sit on the nipple while pumping, creating the suction necessary to extract milk from the breast. If your flange size is too small, it might rub against your skin and potentially clog milk ducts. However, if it’s too big, the flange won’t provide sufficient suction for maximum milk expression. 

Using Pump for Mom’s resourceful Flange Size Guide will help you determine the correct size. We recommend measuring your nipple with a tape or ruler to ensure correct sizing. The best rule of thumb is to add 4mm to your size as follows:

  • If your measurement is 17mm, use a 21mm flange.
  • If your measurement is 20mm, use a 24mm flange. 
  • If your measurement is 23mm, use a 27mm flange.
  • If your measurement is 26mm, use a 30mm flange.
  • If your measurement is 32mm, use a 36mm flange.

Using this measurement method should get you to the perfect-size flange! The right-size flange will feel comfortable, with your nipple seamlessly entering the pumping tube. Your nipple should not rub against the side of the tube, and you shouldn’t feel any pain when you’re finished pumping. 

Get the Right Bra

Most standard breast pumps require a designated pumping bra. This holds especially true for wearable pumps, as you’ll need a full-coverage bra for easy and comfortable insertion. We generally recommend avoiding padded or wired bras because you’ll have to take them off to pump. Instead, opt for a supportive nursing bra designated for pumping. Then, you’ll be in for a comfortable, hands-free pumping experience! 

Think About Your Pumping Schedule  

Your pumping schedule matters when it comes to comfort. Depending on how often you pump, you’ll want a durable breast pump with ever-lasting comfort. However, if you usually rely on other feeding methods, you might be more flexible with your pump of choice.  Some of our top picks for long-lasting, comfortable breast pumps include the Willow Go and the Spectra S2 Plus. These pumps, and other pumps from these brands, will be durable options for the most frequent of pumpers!

Get a Free Breast Pump through Insurance

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