With doctors’ appointments every other week and an endless before-the-baby-comes to-do list, expectant moms can easily feel overwhelmed. And somehow finding the best breast pump covered by insurance might feel impossible. Thankfully, Pumps for Mom is here to cross your insurance breast pump off your to-do list and make choosing a breast pump a breeze. Learn more about the benefits of Freemie breast pumps and how you may be able to get a free breast pump through insurance with help from Pumps for Mom.


Benefits of Freemie Breast Pumps

Freemie is known for making breast pumping as easy as possible for new moms. With hands-free collection cups that replace typical bottles and flanges, Freemie breast pumps are designed for versatility and easy pumping for moms on the move. Freemie’s patented designs are made without BPA, DEHP, and latex, so moms can enjoy their breast pumping experience when they use a Freemie.

  • Pump without Undressing: You read that right–Freemie breast pumps are designed to let moms enjoy a hands-free breast pump without having to undress. No more hiding in a closet at your office or sneaking off to your car to pump. Freemie’s unique collection cup lets moms pump anytime, anywhere. The collection cup sits in any regular bra or nursing bra, connects to your pump, and collects breast milk as you carry on with your day. Completely discreet inside any bra, Freemie breast pumps and collection cups help moms stay comfortable and in control as they pump.
  • Flexibility: As if pumping fully clothed wasn’t enough, Freemie breast pumps can also be used as either a single or double electric breast pump depending on mom’s needs. It’s nearly impossible to predict what your baby needs at every feeding, so Freemie breast pumps’ versatility helps moms make sure their little one gets enough breast milk as they grow.
  • Quiet Technology: No mom wants to express breast milk with what sounds like a car engine next to them. Freemie includes quiet technology in their electric breast pumps so moms can feel comfortable and relaxed as they pump. Freemie breast pumps mimic the waveform of a hospital-grade pump so moms can enjoy the best technology in a personal breast pump.
  • Portability: In addition to easy pumping and collection, Freemie breast pumps are designed for portability. With pumps weighing a few pounds or less, Freemie pumps can easily be tossed in a purse or work bag for moms that need to pump on the go. Some pumps are powered through a rechargeable battery, while others simply need to be plugged into the wall for moms to start pumping.

What Are My Choices for Freemie Breast Pumps?

  • Freemie Freedom Breast Pump: For modest mamas, or new moms who just appreciate a little privacy, this is the only complete electric breast pump set that lets moms pump easily with their clothes on. The breast pump comes with Freemie’s Hands-Free and Concealable Collection Cups, so moms can easily pump in whatever bra they are most comfortable in. The Freemie Freedom breast pump offers moms a long life with reliable performance and a simple design that is easy to use. Additionally, this double electric breast pump only weighs three pounds and is portable enough for moms to take with them wherever they go.
  • Freemie Hands-Free Collection Cups: Although Freemie’s collection cups aren’t technically breast pumps on their own, these handy little accessories can make or break a mom’s breast pumping experience and don’t have to be used exclusively with Freemie breast pumps. Also compatible with certain Ameda, Lucina, Spectra, Evenflo, and Avent breast pumps, moms can enjoy the hands-free perks of Freemie’s collection cups even if they don’t have a Freemie breast pump.

Can I Get a Freemie Breast Pump Through Insurance?

With help from the team at Pumps for Mom, you may be able to get a Freemie breast pump at no cost through your health insurance. Once you verify your specific insurance plan’s coverage, Pumps for Mom walks you through the process of finding the best breast pump for you and your little one. All you have to do is fill out our simple qualification form, browse top breast pump brands, and pick the breast pump that works best for you. Pumps for Mom will take care of the rest–we’ll even request your prescription from your doctor! 


Pumps for Mom is dedicated to making new and expectant moms’ lives a little easier by helping them get a free breast pump with insurance. We know moms don’t have time to wait around for a representative to tell them how to get an insurance breast pump or find out which breast pumps are covered. That’s why, when you work with Pumps for Mom, you can immediately see what breast pumps you qualify for and what the out-of-pocket costs are, if any. No hidden agendas or fees from us–just moms getting the breast pumps they need. Let Pumps for Mom help you get your breast pump through insurance today