Pumps for Mom partners with the best brands to make it easy for new moms to pick a breast pump. We know searching for a breast pump through insurance is overwhelming, so we did the work for you. Read below to learn more about the benefits of Spectra, your choices for Spectra breast pumps, and how you may be able to get a Spectra breast pump through your insurance.

Benefits of Spectra Breast Pumps

  • Single or Double Breast Pump Flexibility
    • Spectra breast pumps give moms the opportunity to use the pump as a single or double electric breast pump. For moms that breastfeed their little one at home, Spectra breast pumps can be used as a single breast pump. For moms who pump away from their baby, Spectra breast pumps can also be used as double electric breast pumps with no loss of suction.
  • Backflow Protection
    • Spectra breast pumps prioritize the safety of your breast milk. Each breast pump comes with backflow protectors to prevent bacteria, mold, and viruses. These filters keep tubing dry and prevent airflow between your expressed milk and tubing. This protects the pump from potential damage. Spectra’s backflow protection ensures high-performance capabilities with no contaminants in mom’s breast milk.  
  • Ultra Quiet Motors
    • No mom wants to use a breast pump that is loud enough to wake the neighbors. Spectra offers a selection of pumps designed with an ultra-quiet motor. Specifically, the S1, S2, and 9Plus models offer some of the highest suction available on the market with little to no noise. 
  • Excellent Options for Portability
    • Every Spectra pump weighs four pounds or less, so new moms have the freedom to pump wherever. The Spectra S1 and the Spectra 9Plus are also battery-powered double electric breast pumps, so moms can travel with their breast pump and express milk worry-free as they go.

What Are My Choices for Spectra Breast Pumps?

  • Spectra S1Plus
    • The Spectra S1Plus offers hospital-quality strength combined with impressive portability. With a built-in rechargeable battery as well as classic AC power, moms can take the Spectra S1Plus wherever they go. Additionally, the S1Plus offers massage mode to imitate the natural suckling of an infant, stimulating a faster, natural let-down. With other helpful features like a built-in night-light and timer, the Spectra S1Plus may become a new mom’s best friend. 
  • Spectra S2Plus
    • This model comes with a massage mode to initiate let-down and customizable settings for each pumping session. The Spectra S2Plus also comes with a night-light and timer so moms can pump comfortably at any hour of the day or night.
  • Spectra 9Plus
    • Spectra’s 9Plus breast pump shares many features with their S1 and S2 models, including the massage button to encourage let-down, adjustable suction volume control, and a timer to track the length of your pumping sessions. This breast pump also offers outstanding portability and reliable power and is perfect for moms who pump on-the-go. With an internal rechargeable battery, LCD display, ten distinct levels of vacuum suction in “Expression Mode,” and weighing in at only one half a pound, the Spectra 9Plus helps moms effectively express breast milk wherever they are. 
  • Spectra Dew 350
    • For moms with latching difficulties, premature babies, or low milk supply, the Spectra Dew 350 is a great option. With hospital-grade suction, easy-to-use controls, and minimal noise, this Spectra breast pump helps moms express efficiently.

Can I Get a Spectra Breast Pump Through Insurance?

With help from the experts at Pumps for Mom, get a free Spectra breast pump covered by your insurance. As a result of the Affordable Care Act, most insurance plans are required to cover the cost of a breast pump because new moms shouldn’t have to break the bank to breastfeed their baby. To experience the numerous benefits of breastfeeding, work with Pumps for Mom to get a free breast pump through insurance

The team at Pumps for Mom is here to make every mom’s job a little easier. Our qualification form is simple to fill out. It will let you see what insurance breast pumps and upgrade pumps you qualify for immediately. Browse top breast pump brands like Spectra, Medela, Ameda, Lansinoh, Freemie, and more, and let Pumps for Mom help you get your insurance breast pump today!