What is a Hands-Free Breast Pump?

Are you considering breast pumps and wondering if hands-free is right for you? There are many benefits to using a hands-free breast pump, and the team at Pumps for Mom recommends trying one if you’re a busy mama who wants to do other things while you pump. Below, we delve into what exactly a hands-free pump is and how it works.

How Does a Hands-Free Breast Pump Work?

Using a hands-free breast pump is relatively straightforward. Wear an appropriate pumping bra that allows you to hold the pump to your breast. Secure the flanges in the bra, start the pump, and relax. It’s truly that simple and hassle-free. 

Is a Hands-Free Pump Worth It? 

Is it worth it to pump without having to use your hands? We sure think it is. While you pump, you can complete other activities, like working or reading a book. You can also sit back and relax. Using a hands-free pump helps with shoulder aches because you don’t have to hold the pump up. Additionally, a hands-free pump is an excellent option for portability, comfort, and accessible milk collection. 

Tips for Hands-Free Expression

To start pumping with a hands-free breast pump, make sure you have the correct size breast shield and that your nipples are positioned accordingly without the shields being too tight. Ensure that your pumping bra holds both breast shields securely and avoid leaning into the breast shield. You should feel comfortable—pain is a sign that something is wrong.

Ways to Multitask While Pumping

Wondering how you can use all the time you have while pumping hands-free? We have a few suggestions below. 

Eat a Snack

It can be challenging to find time to eat with a little one on your hands. Plus, you need extra calories while you’re breastfeeding. Sneak in a snack while the pump does its thing. 

Get Some Work Done

Use your pumping time to open your laptop and get ahead on some work. These may be some of the only moments in your day where other people will leave you alone, which makes it ideal for some extra productivity. 

Pump During Your Commute

Power up your pump, place it in the passenger seat, and get going to wherever you need to be! Pumping and driving is an excellent way to get two tasks done simultaneously. Just make sure you’re careful and pay attention to the road!


As a new mom, we know that you’re busy all the time. Maybe you need a few minutes to yourself to catch a breath. Use your hands-free pumping time to chill for a bit. 

Hands-free Breast Pump at Pumps for Mom

The Elvie Stride is a hands-free breast pump made for moms on the move. It’s ultra-quiet, connects to the free Elvie app, and offers complete control with ten intensity settings in both stimulation and expression modes. In short, this pump is made for ultimate comfort and convenience. It’s designed to move with you and sets up quickly under clothing. It also offers hospital-strength pumping and allows five-ounce milk expression per cup. If you’re looking for a hands-free breast pump, the Elvie Stride is a fantastic option. 

Get a Pump through Insurance at Pumps for Mom

Whether you decide to go with a hands-free pump or a different model, Pumps for Mom can help guide you through the process of qualifying for a free breast pump through insurance. Fill out our online form, and one of our experts can check your eligibility, ask your medical provider what prescriptions you may need, and send the pump straight to your door. Skip the hassle and focus on your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey without having to worry about your pump. Contact us today to learn more about our breast pumps and how to qualify for one through insurance.