Breast Pump Accessories You Should Know About

Breastfeeding mamas may look for ways to maximize their nursing experience. From comfortable pumps to tips and tricks, moms have a plethora of resources to help their breastfeeding journey be a smooth one. To improve their breastfeeding experience, some moms must look outside the box and consider items outside just “the basics.” While a high-quality breast pump through insurance may be a great tool, it’s far from the only one a mom may need to optimize her feeding. Breast pump accessories can take your nursing journey from okay to awesome. 

Pumps for Mom supplies moms with some of the best breast pump accessories currently on the market. Read on to learn more about the breast pump accessories you can order through Pumps for Mom when you order your free breast pump through insurance!

Kiinde Anika Pump Bag

While you may favor portable pumps, we’re pretty sure that your pump is not the only thing you carry around while you’re out and about. Some pump bags can be bulky and outdated, which may also be a big bummer for stylish moms. With the Kiinde Anika pump bag, you don’t have to compromise on room, portability, or style. Featuring a sleek black design and subtle gold accents, this bag is both a fashion statement and a functional tool. 

Medela Milk Storage Bags

Pumping helps a mom’s nursing journey be a smooth experience. So, it’s likely that you’ll need dependable milk storage bags to keep milk safe in a fridge or freezer. The self-standing Medela Milk Storage Bags are made of a durable, double-layer material and feature a double zipper seal for safe transportation. They even have a resealable transportation pouch to keep your bags clean and organized. 

Spectra Small Cap Bottle Adapters

If you want to pump directly into a standard- or narrow-neck bottle, you need two vital tools: flanges and bottle adapters. A Spectra Small Cap Bottle Adapter can convert a flange into a standard narrow neck flange. Additionally, these adaptors can allow you to use a wide neck flange to pump into any standard- or -narrow neck bottle. 

Zomee Collection Cups

Do you value a hands-free pumping experience? Expand your hands-free collection with the Zomee Hands-Free Collection Cups. These collection cups can be worn inside a nursing bra for absolute comfort while pumping on the go. The lightweight Zomee Hands-Free Collection Cups are made from BPA-free materials, so there’s no need to worry about what your breast milk is exposed to. Up to five ounces of breast milk stays safe until you transport it to a storage bag or bottle through its easy-pour spout. 

At Pumps for Mom, we know that breastfeeding is enhanced when moms have the right tools at their disposal. That’s why we provide free breast pumps through insurance and a wide range of maternity and breast pump accessories. With our easy-to-complete form, browsing for the best breast pumps on the market can be at your fingertips. Head over to our form, browse our maternity and breast pump accessories, or contact us today to get started!