Ameda Breast Pumps

Ameda Breast Pumps

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As one of the go-to brands for millions of moms, Ameda breast pumps combine comfort and efficiency for an easier breast pumping experience. Ameda breast pumps offer excellent customization settings, impressive portability, and necessary safety features, so your breast milk stays free of contamination until your little one is ready to feed. Ameda breast pumps are available through insurance, and Pumps for Mom makes it easy to qualify through your provider. See which Ameda breast pumps through insurance you maybe be eligible for and enjoy a more comfortable and convenient breast pumping journey starting now!

Mya Joy PLUS 525

Ameda Mya Joy PLUS


Ameda Mya Joy PLUS with tote_525

Ameda Mya Joy PLUS w/Tote


Ameda Mya Joy PLUS w/Tote, Cooler, & Manual Pump


Mya Joy pump only 525x525

Ameda Mya Joy


Mya Joy pump set with tote 525x525

Ameda Mya Joy with Tote


Mya Joy accessories 525x525

Ameda Mya Joy with Accessories


What are my Ameda Breast Pump Options at Pumps for Mom?

Pumps for Mom offers a substantial selection of Ameda breast pumps through insurance. Customers can purchase each of our Ameda breast pumps alone or buy them with their accompanying accessory bundles, including totes, coolers, and more.

Whether pumping on the go, at home, or work, moms can’t go wrong with the Ameda Mya Joy. Designed with versatile features, safety, and comfort, this hospital-strength breast pump offers up to 280 mmHg of suction and can be used for single and double pumping. Not to mention, the Ameda Mya Joy’s FDA-approved HygieniKit protects your breast from backing up into the tubing and from potential contaminants like bacteria, viruses, and mold growth.

Check out our Ameda Mya Joy bundles! Order one with an included tote or with all accompanying accessories!

As the newest member of the Mya Joy collection, the Ameda Mya Joy PLUS offers the same features as the original model and more. This popular pump offers both hospital-strength performance and a convenient, lightweight design, which you don’t see in every breast pump! The Ameda Mya Joy PLUS also has an ultra-quiet motor and other lifestyle features: a long-lasting rechargeable battery, a USB charging cord, and a convenient wrist lanyard.

Check out our Ameda Mya Joy PLUS bundles! Order one with an included tote or with all accompanying accessories!

Can I Use My Ameda Breast Pump for Single and Double Pumping?

Our Ameda breast pump models are adaptable for single or double breast pumping. That means you can use your Ameda breast pump to express milk either from one breast at a time or from both at once.

What are the Benefits of Ameda Breast Pumps?

As one of the top breast pump providers, Ameda produces reliable products to make life easier for breastfeeding moms. With each new breast pump, Ameda provides outstanding benefits for its users, from portability to maximum comfort. Below are a few of the top benefits of Ameda breast pumps:

Ameda breast pumps are designed for moms on the go. With long-lasting battery power and a lightweight design, Ameda breast pumps are easy to throw in any purse or tote and bring with you as you’re out and about.

Ameda breast pumps offer CustomControl so moms can adjust their speed and suction precisely to their liking. When starting out with their Ameda pump, moms will discover which expression settings work best for them and experience ultimate comfort as they pump.

Each Ameda breast pump has a closed system design, protecting users’ breast milk from coming into contact with any hygienic pump parts. The Ameda Joy and Ameda Joy PLUS feature a HygieniKit Milk Collection System with Proven Airlock Protection, offering an FDA-approved barrier for protecting milk from bacteria, mold, or viruses. Not to mention, the Proven Airlock Protection™ means you won’t have to constantly clean narrow breast pump tubing!

As a breast pump brand, Ameda is known for its comfort. With ComfortFlow Technology, Ameda breast pumps ensure smooth, comfortable pumping sessions. Ameda also offers a wide range of breast flange sizes in the CustomFit Flange System that are compatible with every model and make breast pumping as pain-free as possible for breastfeeding moms.

Is Ameda a Hospital-Grade Breast Pump?

The Ameda Mya Joy and the Ameda Mya Joy PLUS offer hospital-grade strength designed for daily use. When moms use Ameda breast pumps, they can expect strong suction and stimulation that allows for quick and efficient milk expression. This hospital-grade performance will enable moms to get in a quick pumping sesh and get on with their day!

How Does Ameda’s Closed System Technology Work?

Ameda breast pumps offer closed protection systems to prevent breast milk from overflowing and leaking into the pump mechanism. With a closed system, a breast pump will have a vital milk barrier between its tubing and motor or between its breast shield connector and tubing. This barrier prevents milk from backing up into unhygienic pump parts, which ensures the milk stays clean and healthy for the baby’s consumption.

How Do I Properly Clean my Ameda Breast Pump?

The cleaning process for Ameda breast pumps is very simple. After each pumping session, turn your pump off and disassemble its parts. You’ll then rinse leftover milk from the pump parts in cool water. After this, hand wash the flange, back-flow protector, valve, bottle, locking ring, and disc in warm soapy water, applying extra gentle care to the valve and back-flow protector. While doing so, make sure not to immerse parts completely in the sink and not insert anything into the valve.

After the washing, rinse the flange, back-flow protector, valve, bottle, locking ring, and locking disc with warm, clean water. Then, allow each pump part to air dry on a clean surface. Never dry your pump pieces with a cotton towel that could spread germs to your pump.

Can I get an Ameda Breast Pump Free through Insurance?

If you’re interested in an Ameda breast pump through insurance, you’re in luck! Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, most insurance providers are required to cover breast pumps for new and expecting moms – including Ameda! Fill out our form today to discover whether you qualify for an Ameda breast pump through insurance, or talk directly to one of our experts for more information.

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