Lansinoh Breast Pumps

Lansinoh Breast Pumps

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If you thought technology couldn’t improve the breast pumping experience, Lansinoh is asking you to think again. As the creator of the first Bluetooth-enabled breast pump, Lansinoh has been helping moms pump smarter for over 35 years. Lansinoh breast pumps prioritize comfortable and effective pumping that make moms’ lives easier, whether they are a first-time mama or a breast pumping pro. With qualities like dishwasher-safe breast pump parts and optional battery power, Lansinoh offers the breast pump you’ve been dreaming of. See if you qualify for a Lansinoh breast pump through insurance with help from the Pumps for Mom team.

Lansinoh Wearable 525

Lansinoh Wearable


Discreet Duo


Lansinoh Smartpump 3.0 pump - 525

Lansinoh Smartpump 3.0 Lifestyle Set


Lansinoh Signature Pro w/Tote


What are my Lansinoh Breast Pump Options at Pumps for Mom?

Pumps for Mom offers four top-quality Lansinoh breast pumps for new and expecting moms. Each of our Lansinoh models delivers the ultimate pumping experience, prioritizing comfort, efficiency, and convenience. Read below for our complete list of Lansinoh breast pumps to discover which might be your best fit.

Lansinoh Wearable
If you’re looking for ultimate pumping freedom, the Lansinoh Wearable is your best match! Free of inconvenient cords and tubes, the Lansinoh Wearable is a hands-free pump that slips seamlessly into your bra. You can pump anytime, anywhere with this lightweight, portable pump!

Lansinoh DiscreetDuo
The Lansinoh DiscreetDuo is the perfect accessory for busy moms on the go. With hands-free capabilities and hospital-strength suction, this portable pump will allow you to maintain your jam-packed schedule while still ensuring maximum milk supply for your baby.

Lansinoh Smartpump 3.0 Lifestyle Set
From long-lasting rechargeable batteries to a wide selection of flange sizes, the Lansinoh Smartpump 3.0 Lifestyle Set has everything you could ever ask for! Moms especially love this pumping set for its accompanying app, which allows you to track pumping history, adjust suction levels, set pumping reminders, and more!

Lansinoh Signature Pro
If you’re seeking comfort and convenience, look no further than the Lansinoh Signature Pro! With soft and flexible ComfortFit flanges and efficiency, two-phase technology, the Lansinoh Signature Pro ensures stress-free pumping sessions and maximum milk expression.

Can I Use My Lansinoh Breast Pump for Single and Double Pumping?

The answer is yes, mama! Each of our Lansinoh breast pumps offers single and double pumping capabilities, allowing you to customize your pumping session precisely to your liking. If you’re a busy, working mom on a tight schedule, you might opt for double pumping to express more milk in less time. Or, if you live a slower, stay-at-home lifestyle, single pumping might be your best route! The choice is entirely yours when you choose Lansinoh.

What are the Benefits of Lansinoh Breast Pumps?

As a leading breast pump provider, Lansinoh knows a thing or two about cultivating a positive pumping experience. Lansinoh breast pumps offer a broad range of benefits for new and expecting moms, such as the following:

Lansinoh breast pumps fit seamlessly into a mom’s active lifestyle. With long-lasting battery power and a lightweight body, Lansinoh breast pumps easily fit into any work tote or gym bag that accompanies you throughout your busy day.

Stress-Free Cleaning
If you’re stressed about cleaning your Lansinoh breast pump, don’t be, mama! Lansinoh breast pumps’ simple design allows for easy, stress-free cleaning. In fact, most Lansinoh breast pump parts are dishwasher safe. So, all you have to do is pop them on the top rack of your dishwasher, and viola! Your pump is clean as can be.

Moms love Lansinoh breast pumps for their customization. Each model offers a variety of suction levels, flange sizes, and suckling patterns, allowing moms to customize their session and maximize comfort completely.

How Long Do Batteries Last in Lansinoh Breast Pumps?

Lansinoh’s rechargeable batteries typically last around two hours, allowing for long, uninterrupted pumping sessions. Once you’ve used all of your battery’s juice, you can quickly recharge them for your next pump. It’s that simple, mama!

Do Lansinoh Breast Pumps offer Hospital-Grade Strength?

If you’re seeking hospital-grade strength, you’re in luck, mama! Several of our Lansinoh breast pumps offer hospital-grade horsepower to maximize milk expression and save time. For example, our Lansinoh DiscreetDuo has nine adjustable hospital strength suction levels and four pumping modes, allowing you to generate lots of milk quickly. Other hospital-grade strength models include the Lansinoh Wearable and the Lansinoh Smartpump 3.0.

How Do I Properly Clean My Lansinoh Breast Pump?

Cleaning a Lansinoh breast pump is simpler than you think! In just a few simple steps, your pump can be as good as new and ready for its next pumping session. Follow the steps listed below to properly clean your Lansinoh breast pump after each use:

If you’re cleaning by hand:

  • Put all pump parts in a clean wash basin. Do not put them directly into the sink.
  • Add soap and hot water to your wash basin.
  • Use a clean brush to scrub each part.
  • Rinse each part under running water or submerge them in fresh water in a separate basin.
  • Air dry each part by placing each part and each cleaning tool on a clean dish towel or paper towel. Do not rub or pat dry items!

If you’re cleaning with a dishwasher:

  • Place dishwasher-safe pump parts in a closed-top basket or mesh laundry bag.
  • Add soap and run the dishwasher using hot water and a heated drying cycle.
  • Remove parts from the dishwasher. If items are not completely dry, let them air dry on a clean, unused paper or dish towel. Do not rub or pat dry!

Can I get a Lansinoh Breast Pump Free through Insurance?

Of course you can, mama! With help from the Pumps for Mom team, you can get a Lansinoh breast pump free through insurance without any hassle. When you follow our straightforward, three-step process, you can verify your insurance coverage and receive the Lansinoh breast pump of your choice just in time for your baby’s arrival. Fill out our form today to confirm your eligibility for a free Lansinoh breast pump through insurance, or contact our team directly for additional guidance!

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