The Best Breast Pumps for Traveling Moms

Don’t give up on traveling just because you’re a mother! Being a mom while traveling is an opportunity to build memories with your growing family.

To get the most out of post-motherhood travel, consider your pumping needs. You need a pump that offers convenience, portability, and functionality to maintain your pumping schedule wherever your plans take you. Finding the best breast pumps for your travel needs may seem daunting, but several pumps on the market are perfect for moms on the go. 

Whether you travel often for work or are a certified globetrotter, you need the right tools to maintain your ideal pumping and feeding schedule. Pumps for Mom offers a range of incredible breast pumps for traveling moms. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best breast pumps for traveling moms. 

The Best Breast Pumps for Traveling Moms

Willow Go™

Silent, portable, and wire-free: what’s not to love about Willow Go™? The Willow Go™ prioritizes discretion and comfort so you can pump just about anywhere confidently. It is lightweight so that you can carry it with you inside your personal item, carry-on, or luggage. And if you need to pump in a plane or car, you can ensure a discreet pumping session by placing the pump inside a standard nursing bra and turning on its quiet motor. 

Medela’s Sonata® Smart Breast Pump

A pump you don’t even have to think about packing? Say less. Built for moms that pump several times a day, the Medela Sonata® is one of the best breast pumps that make pumping a breeze while you’re traveling. One of our favorite things about the Medela Sonata is that it comes with a breast pump bag, making it perfectly portable wherever you go. 

Elvie Double Electric Breast Pump

An Elvie Double Electric Breast Pump is a top choice for traveling moms because of its size and lightweight design. This innovative pump fits comfortably inside a standard nursing bra, ensuring you can pump on the go, completely hands-free. Its free app helps you monitor milk volume in real time so that you can hold all the essentials (like your ID and boarding pass) from the convenience of your phone. 

Spectra S1 Premier Rechargeable Pump

Hitting the road? Then you’ll love to take a Spectra S1 Premier Rechargeable Pump with you. Because it is rechargeable, the Spectra S1 can provide hours of pumping time without needing a pesky outlet. The Spectra S1 weighs only three pounds and comes with a fashionable tote for convenient packing wherever your travels take you. Additionally, its backflow protection prevents harmful bacteria from contaminating your breast milk. 

The Pumps for Mom team has you covered for all your motherhood traveling essentials. Our team can help you obtain the best breast pumps through insurance that fits your travel goals. And to help set you up for success, moms can shop for breast pump accessories and compression products on our site. Head over to our easy-to-fill form to get started, or contact us today!