Insurance-Covered Breast Pumps for Active Moms

Active moms deserve a massive amount of praise. They’re always on the go and incredible at their balancing acts. From dedicating time to their babies to moving their bodies, there’s nothing active moms cannot do. So, when it comes to pumping breast milk, these moms don’t need to slow down or be tied to the nearest outlet. There are plenty of insurance-covered breast pumps that are ideal for moms who want to keep their bodies moving after birth.

Active moms with insurance don’t have to spend a penny to get the perfect pump for full mobility while pumping. Their breast pumping and feeding journey can be as active as they are! Whether you’re an active mom who wants to remain on the grind while you pump or prefers to slow down and rest up, Pumps for Mom has your back. Below, we’ve compiled a list of some popular insurance-covered breast pumps active moms rave about. 

Elvie Double Electric Breast Pump

If you’re a mom who loves a good yoga session or meditating, then the Elvie Double Electric Breast Pump is perfect for you. The Elvie pump is the world’s first silent breast pump, with technology that removes loud noises from the motor. Each pump only has five pieces and a small design, so you can wear it inside a standard nursing bra while enjoying the freedom of having full-hand mobility. As one of Pumps For Mom’s most popular insurance-covered breast pumps, the Elvie pump is ideal for moms of all activity levels. 

 Willow® 3.0

Want to pump in any position your workout routine leads you? Willow® 3.0 makes you unstoppable. With spill-proof freedom, this innovative pump gives moms 360-degree mobility with no leaks. Moms can comfortably move around while nestling the Willow® 3.0 inside their bras. Additionally, this is the first breast pump on the market that connects to the Apple Watch, so you can track your workouts, movement goals, and pumping sessions all in one convenient place. Don’t have an Apple Watch? No need to worry. You can control your pumping session from the Willow® 3.0 app. With the app, you can track volume levels, record session histories, and start, pause, increase, or decrease suction levels.

Medela Freestyle Flex™ Double Electric Breast Pump

Light, compact, and rechargeable, what is there not to love about the Medela Freestyle Flex™ Double Electric Breast Pump? Its sleek design offers optimal flexibility for moms to pump wherever and whenever. It weighs less than a pound and can easily fit in the palm of your hand so you can focus on your movement and not on the burden of a heavy pump.


Pumps for Mom has a long list of breast pumps that are perfect for mamas who just can’t stop moving. As a trusted liaison between moms and insurance providers, we help moms obtain insurance-covered breast pumps without the hassle. Make the most out of your lifestyle and your breastfeeding journey. Head to our form or contact us today to get your free breast pump!