How to Prepare for Breast Pumping While Pregnant

If you’re pregnant, there’s no better time to learn about breast pumping. Once baby arrives, you’ll need to start feeding them right away. Even if you start with a method other than pumping, new-mom exhaustion will make it trickier to source a pump and learn how to use it. At Pumps for Mom, we have you covered so you can start your pumping journey before giving birth. 

Pumping Preparation is Key

As a new mom, we’re sure you’re learning a lot of new information about what foods to eat, which crib to buy, and, of course, how to care for your child once they arrive. Pumping is just another part of the process. 

Are you planning to breastfeed? Pumping is a great solution when babies have a hard time latching, plus it’s ideal for moms on a busy schedule who need to plan their days around feeding times. Even if you aren’t planning to pump exclusively, it’s great to have a breast pump around as an option. 

Practical Steps to Take While Pregnant

While it’s impossible to actually practice milk release before it’s time, there are a few ways you can prepare during your last trimester. Below, we list a few practical steps you can start taking while pregnant to prepare for breastfeeding and pumping.  

Get a Breast Pump

Step 1: Get a breast pump. If you have insurance, you’re likely to qualify for a covered pump through your plan. Most insurance providers are required to cover at least basic pumps, according to the Affordable Care Act. At Pumps for Mom, we help guide you through the process of securing your free insurance pump, including helping you figure out what is covered, how to get a prescription, and delivering the pump straight to your door! 

Make a Plan

Now is a great time to start planning your post-birth schedule. Are you going to return to the office, or do you plan to breastfeed based on your child’s schedule? Your body’s lactation response will determine when you can express milk, but you can go ahead and decide if you want to pump exclusively or mix it in with breastfeeding. Many moms with busy schedules choose to pump so they can express on their own time and store extra milk in the freezer or fridge. 

Practice Breastfeeding Positions

Get started early by practicing breastfeeding positions! A few common positions include the cradle position, the cross-cradle position, football hold, laid-back positions, and side-lying positions. As far as pumping positions, you’re typically going to latch the pump onto your nipple and lean forward to express milk. While you may not practice using the pump, you can set up a comfy pumping space and ensure you have a tranquil area to relax and pump. 

Order Accessories

Breast pumping accessories, such as storage bags and collection cups, are helpful when breast pumping. We also recommend looking into compression garments. You can get many accessories and garments through insurance in addition to your pump, depending on your coverage. 

Mentally Prepare 

Our final piece of advice is to mentally prepare for the breastfeeding and/or pumping journey ahead of you. Remember that all children are different. If breastfeeding doesn’t work out, it’s not your fault. Also, remember that some babies take more time than others. No matter how you choose to feed your child, you’re a great mother by taking the steps necessary to care for your child before their arrival. 

Whether you’re just beginning to learn about breast pumping or you’re a seasoned pro, Pumps for Mom is here to deliver the latest information and help with all your breast pumping needs. If you’re interested in a free breast pump through insurance, simply fill out our online form today to get started.