Just like there is no single “correct” way to parent, there is not a specific way to breastfeed that will be best for every mom and baby. Whether you are focusing on breastfeeding, exclusively breast pumping, or using a combination of the two, the most important thing is that your little one is getting the nutrients they need. Each method of providing breast milk to a newborn has pros and cons, and at Pumps for Mom, we love to teach new moms what breast pumps can do! Read below to learn about a few reasons why you may want to try breast pumping exclusively.

Freedom and Flexibility

When it comes to enjoying the most freedom during the many months of breastfeeding, it’s hard to beat the flexibility offered by a breast pump. Breast pumping gives moms the ability to provide breast milk for their baby, even when they are away from their little one. New moms can return to work, go on a vacation, or even just enjoy a few hours away from home without worrying about a feeding. With typical breastfeeding, the burden is entirely on new moms to give breast milk every time their baby is hungry. Exclusive breast pumping helps moms share the responsibility of breastfeeding with partners or other family members who can easily offer a bottle of expressed breast milk to a hungry newborn. They say it takes a village to raise a child, so why not let the village lend a hand with breastfeeding too! 

Control Over Breast Milk Supply

One of the biggest worries on a nursing mom’s mind is usually related to breast milk supply. From having low supply and worrying if a newborn is getting enough nutrients to struggling with engorgement, breastfeeding leaves a lot up to chance. Breast pumping assists moms in having more control over their breast milk supply by making it easy to see exactly how much milk is expressed during each pumping session. If a mom notices her breast milk supply is getting low, she can increase the frequency of her pumping sessions to signal her body to make more breast milk, also known as “power pumping.” A lot is unknown about breast milk supply when breastfeeding, but by pumping exclusively, moms enjoy increased awareness and control over their breast milk.

Easy to Adapt into a Routine

Thanks to advancements in breast pumping technology, today’s pumps are adaptable to any and every breastfeeding routine. From home to the office to a road trip, moms can continue to express breast milk according to their routine with help from a breast pump. Additionally, if a mom is having trouble breastfeeding, she can introduce a breast pump into her normal breastfeeding routine as often or as rarely as she wants. And even if a mom uses a breast pump exclusively, she always has the option to shift back to breastfeeding if she needs to, depending on her circumstances. While breastfeeding may seem easy at first, introducing a breast pump or pumping exclusively helps moms enjoy more flexibility throughout their breastfeeding journey.


Pumps for Mom is proud to support new and expectant moms by offering a wide range of breast pumps through insurance. We make it easy to qualify with your insurance provider and browse the breast pumps that best meet your needs. We will even reach out to your doctor to request a prescription if your insurance needs it! Work with the maternity product specialists at Pumps for Mom and get the best breast pump for you without the stress.