With countless breast pump brands on the market, it is tough for expectant moms to know which pump is right for them. Moms-to-be already have enough to get done before their little one arrives. Sifting through breast pump after breast pump does not need to be on the list. Thankfully, Pumps for Mom has done the work for you by highlighting some of our favorite breast pump brands. Learn more about Ardo breast pumps and discover how you can get one through insurance.

Benefits of Ardo Breast Pumps

Ardo breast pumps are a mom’s best friend. With easy-to-use controls, dozens of customization options, and the quietest motor on the market, Ardo breast pumps make effective breastfeeding more accessible for new moms. 


Ardo breast pumps prioritize quiet motors, compact designs, and portability. Moms enjoy a powerful breast pump that is impressively discreet. Whether you need to pump in the middle of the night or want to pump privately at work, Ardo breast pumps offer one of the quietest motors available. Ardo’s Calypso breast pump and only weighs about one pound. It also has options for power through an adapter or batteries. This allows moms the flexibility to pump worry-free wherever they are most comfortable.

Easy to Use

As technology evolves and new features are introduced, breast pumps are increasingly difficult to understand. However, Ardo keeps it simple with easy-to-use controls. Customization for suction strength and frequency give moms 64 total options to find the best settings. Ardo breast pumps give moms hospital-grade technology and unmatched package of comfort and efficiency.


 No breast pump is complete without essential safety features. Ardo breast pumps have closed systems that promote clean pumping by preventing backflow. Ardo also includes vacuum seal technology that ensures the pump and milk remain free from contamination. Additionally, Ardo breast pumps are BPA-free so moms feel confident that the breast milk they are providing is safe.

What Are My Choices for Ardo Breast Pumps?

Ardo offers several different packages to meet the needs of every mom. Moms who want to be ultra prepared for their breastfeeding journey can enjoy an upgrade pump that includes a cooler and tons of storage bottles. Moms who want to stick to the basics can go with the essential breast pump package. Breastfeeding is all about being flexible. Pumps for Mom is proud to offer a range of Ardo breast pumps to meet the unique needs of each mom. 

Ardo Calypso Essentials

The Essentials package keeps it simple for moms who know what they want. Including the Calypso double electric breast pump with ultra-quiet motor, two storage bottles, breast shields, and two spare valves, this product makes sure moms have everything to begin their breastfeeding journey. Additionally, this pump is often covered by insurance plans. Moms may be able to get this package at little to no cost out-of-pocket. 

Ardo Calypso Essentials Plus

The Ardo Calypso Essentials Plus offers moms increased flexibility with their breast pump. With additional breast shield sizes, a portable cooling pack, and a messenger bag for easy storage and transportation, Ardo’s Essentials Plus helps moms transition from expressing breast milk at home to pumping on-the-go more easily.

Ardo Calypso Double Plus

The Double Plus package helps moms pump more comfortably with the Calypso double electric breast pump and excellent add-ons doing much of the work for you. Three different breast shield sizes, massage inserts, and a messenger bag for storage are just the beginning. In addition to flexibility in sizes, the included bottle stand and cleaning brush help make mom’s life easier during and after a pumping session. 

Ardo Calypso To-Go

The Ardo Calypso To-Go package allows moms to pump anywhere and everywhere. This upgrade option has it all–a messenger bag, a separate cooler with ice packs, six storage bottles, three different breast shield sizes, and a manual breast pump.

Can I Get an Ardo Breast Pump Covered by Insurance?

Yes! In many cases, insurance covers the Ardo Calypso Essentials breast pump, and depending on your plan, the cost of certain upgrade options may also be included. Each insurance plan is slightly different, so it is essential to check your unique coverage with your provider. The team at Pumps for Mom helps you verify your coverage. Our simple qualification form makes it easy to browse and order your pump without any surprise costs or hidden fees. Order an Ardo breast pump through Pumps for Mom today!

The Pumps for Mom experts are here to help you find the insurance covered breast pump that is best for you. Our team will keep you updated until your breast pump arrives at your door. Need us to contact your doctor for your prescription or double-check that your insurance covers your pump? Pumps for Mom has you covered. Work with us and order your breast pump through insurance today!