Breastfeeding is no easy task. Whether you’re struggling with developing a steady supply, your little one isn’t latching well, or you’re experiencing sore nipples and discomfort, you’re not alone! And while a breast pump can’t solve every problem, it may make life easier for those first few months as moms get used to breastfeeding. Read below to learn how a breast pump can make your breastfeeding journey easier. 


Regulate Breast Milk Supply

Breastfeeding may be a natural process, but there are quite a few unexpected problems that may occur, particularly when it comes to breast milk supply. For any number of reasons, moms may struggle with producing enough breast milk to keep their little one full and happy. In many cases, a breast pump can help new moms build up their supply and keep it steady throughout their breastfeeding journey. Because babies can have trouble latching or may not feed enough for mom’s supply to increase, a breast pump can help regulate breast milk production even without a little one feeding at the breast. Babies aren’t known for their consistency, but a breast pump can provide the reliability that new moms’ bodies need to create a steady supply of breast milk. 

Share the Responsibility of Feedings

Breastfeeding can be exhausting, both physically and emotionally, and moms can use some help from their partner during the frequent feedings. A breast pump can help moms create a stockpile of breast milk in the fridge or freezer, so they can share the responsibility of feedings with their partner. In those first few weeks after birth, a breast pump comes in particularly handy when babies need to be fed every few hours, and mama could use some time to recover from labor and delivery.

Continue Breastfeeding Anywhere

Just as breast pumping can help relieve mothers of some of the feeding responsibility at home, breast pumps also help moms resume their everyday life. Although the American Academy of Pediatrics encourages mothers to breastfeed through an infant’s first year of life, many employers offer only a few weeks of paid maternity leave, if any at all. Therefore, many new moms turn to breast pumps to continue providing breast milk for their little one while they return to work. Many breast pumps are also designed to be quiet and fast so moms can pump easily from the office.

There are very few parts of motherhood that are easy, but a breast pump can help moms make the most of their breastfeeding journey. Help your little one get the nutrients they need with a breast pump covered by your insurance.


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