The Benefits of Using a Breast Pump

At Pumps for Mom, we’re huge advocates of using a breast pump to ensure your baby is well-fed. It’s typically easier than feeding, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. There are plenty of benefits to pumping, and it’s a great way to feed your baby breast milk, whether you have a busy schedule, problems nursing, or if you just want to stock up. Read below to discover some of our favorite reasons to use a breast pump. 


Most agree that breast milk is good for your baby, but it can be tricky to navigate nursing. Maybe your child is in daycare while you work, or maybe they just got to sleep right as your breast feels full. Pumping allows you to express your milk whenever, wherever. Plus, caretakers aside from mom can feed baby with milk stored from pumping, which opens up a lot of freedom for everyone involved. 


Some babies have a harder time latching than others, but pumping ensures that they can still access breast milk. You can also measure out pumped milk very carefully so that your baby gets the exact amount of milk they need. You don’t need to worry if they are going to remain hungry when you use stored breast milk. Pumping is a secure, sure way for your baby to get the nutrients they need.  


When your milk needs to be released, it can hurt if you don’t do it right away. Pumping is also a great way to avoid poor latch or bites that come with breastfeeding. Or if it’s not a good time to breastfeed, you can pump instead for immediate relief. No matter the situation, pumping doesn’t have many cons associated with it. You can set up your hands-free pump, sit back and relax—no need to hold up baby in a comfortable feeding position.  

Increased Supply

The more stimulation your breast gets, the more milk they are able to produce. Whether you have a hard time with feeding or don’t want to do it too often, pumping enables you to keep your supply up. Plus, since you’re making more milk and expressing it even when baby isn’t hungry, you can stock up on milk supply, even freezing it to save for a while.

Donor Milk

Safely transferred donor milk is used in many situations, including adoptions, scenarios where a mother can’t breastfeed, or when a tragedy occurs. Pumping milk is way not only to feed your own child, but to donate to one in need. Or, on the flip side, it can be a life saver when you are unable to produce breast milk but want your baby to consume it.

Whether you’re pumping exclusively or adding it on to your regular feeding schedule, we recommend giving it a try. You can even get a free breast pump through insurance, depending on your plan, along with accessories, maternity garments, and more. Reach out to the team at Pumps for Mom today to learn more about the pumping process or how to get your free pump.