Pregnancy is no easy task, which is why we believe that expectant moms are real-life superheroes. However, even superheroes need a hand from their sidekicks sometimes. Meet the perfect helper for expectant moms–the maternity belly band. From consistent pain relief to adjustable sizing features, the right belly band can change a pregnant mom’s life. Read below to learn more about the benefits of a maternity belly band and discover how to get a belly band through insurance with Pumps for Mom

All-Day Pain Relief

The primary focus of a pregnancy belly band is to help relieve some of the most common sources of pain that expectant moms experience. Growing a baby is hard work, so back, hip, and abdominal discomfort are frequent occurrences for moms-to-be. A belly band can be an excellent way to relieve these aches and pains without resorting to over-the-counter pain relievers. The right maternity belly band can help pregnant women feel their best as they transition from relaxing on the couch to working at the office or enjoying some pregnancy-safe yoga. Experiencing pregnancy with reduced pain can help expectant moms focus on taking care of their bodies as they grow a strong, healthy baby.

Lightweight Support

Moms shouldn’t have to be weighed down by an old-fashioned belly band to enjoy some relief from the aches and pain of pregnancy. The right belly band provides the ideal combination of lightweight support and excellent comfort so that moms can feel their best while on the move. The Motherload Maternity Band, for example, can easily be worn under clothes and is designed with a breathable, lightweight fabric, so moms stay comfortable all day. With targeted support and an anatomical design recommended by OB/GYNs, this unique pregnancy belly band prioritizes moms’ comfort and supports the hips, abdomen, and back to relieve pain.

Adjustable Through Pregnancy

Expectant moms know how quickly their bodies change, especially with bellies that seem to grow every single day. An adjustable maternity belly band allows moms to continue to use this supportive compression garment throughout the most challenging months of pregnancy. Compared to a more compressive belly band that only fits for a month or two, an adjustable belly band like the Motherload Maternity Band has 10 inches of adjustability to grow along with moms’ expanding bellies. Customizable comfort and support become increasingly important as moms progress through their pregnancy and have more weight to carry around as their baby grows. 


Maternity compression has evolved, and the newest products are nothing like your grandma’s girdle. With products designed to relieve pain during pregnancy and postpartum, moms can feel their best and focus on what is most important–taking care of their newborn and recovering comfortably. Pumps for Mom is proud to offer breast pumps as well as a variety of compression garments covered by insurance, including maternity belly bands, to support moms at every stage of motherhood. Explore our available compression products and see if you qualify for a compression garment through insurance today!