How To Get Maternity Garments Through Insurance
We all know the expression: beauty is pain. And when it comes to pregnancy, this sentiment holds especially true. While viewed as a beautiful blessing, pregnancy can take quite a toll on your body before and after your baby is born. That said, we may have just the right solution to alleviate the pain throughout...
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woman using maternity support band
As much as pregnant moms love their growing bellies, they certainly could do without the discomfort. Pregnancy often leaves moms with sore hips and backs, swelling legs, and the list goes on. The road to motherhood is full of many beautiful experiences and changes that can take their gradual toll on the body. Luckily, many...
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Maternity support and compression garments are ideal for moms seeking a little extra relief while carrying a baby. These garments help mitigate discomfort from added weight, pressure, and stress on your body during pregnancy. We offer several maternity support garments at Pumps for Mom, and we know all the ins and outs to help you...
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Hey mama—it’s 2022, and maternity compression garments are more popular than ever. Maternity compression garments help you heal, improve comfort, and reduce pain so you can focus on your new baby. Read below to learn more about the products we offer at Pumps for Mom designed to help with your pregnancy and postpartum recovery.  Motherload—Maternity...
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Maternity Compression Socks
New and expecting moms have a lot going on—like hosting a baby or recovering from birth—and uncomfortable swelling doesn’t help. Compression socks help reduce swelling, increase circulation, improve varicose veins, and keep feet cool and dry. Every new mother needs a pair of compression socks to stay comfortable during and after pregnancy.  At Pumps for...
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3 Things to Know About Your Postpartum Body
Giving birth is just as impressive as any athletic feat. So why are moms so hard on themselves and their postpartum bodies while athletes are winning medals for their hard work? You just birthed another human; your body is powerful. Still, you’re going through many changes, and it’s normal to feel a little off. Sometimes...
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3 Easy Ways to Promote Postpartum Recovery
Did you know that you can be happy, healthy, and, dare we say, comfy during postpartum recovery? Pumps for Mom knows that you’re ready to get back on your feet after childbirth. With the following tips and compression products, moms can enjoy a faster way to heal after giving birth without breaking the bank.   ...
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Benefits of a C-Section Compression Garment
Whether you planned for a C-section or had to adjust your birth plan at the last minute to include this procedure, a C-section is serious business! This is considered major surgery and requires plenty of recovery time where new mamas need to go easy on their bodies. However, it can be tough to get enough...
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How Maternity Compression Can Help With Postpartum Edema
Motherhood may be beautiful, but no one ever said it was easy. Moms’ bodies have to go through a lot to bring their little ones into the world. And although the postpartum period can be beautiful and full of newborn cuddles, this is also a time for recovery! Postpartum edema is one of the most...
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Qualities to Look for in a Postpartum Compression Garment
Postpartum compression garments have come a long way from the traditional girdles of previous generations. Today’s postpartum recovery products are more comfortable, supportive, and versatile than ever before, but all garments available today do not provide identical benefits. Read below to explore five important qualities to look for in a postpartum compression garment and how...
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