Servicemembers and their spouses deserve to be taken care of like they take care of us–that’s where TRICARE and Pumps for Mom come in. With all of the other things that need to get taken care of during pregnancy, it can be stressful to find the right breast pump. TRICARE insurance covers breast pumps, as well as other beneficial services like lactation counseling and reimbursements for necessary equipment for growing military families. Read below to learn how to get a breast pump through TRICARE with help from the experts at Pumps for Mom

Are Breast Pumps Covered by TRICARE?

Rather than limiting coverage to specific brands or models of breast pumps, TRICARE covers breast pumps up to a certain dollar amount when ordered through a durable medical equipment provider, online store, or another retailer. For 2020, TRICARE will cover breast pumps up to $313.28 in the U.S. and up to $501.24 overseas. Although these rates change every year, moms can stay up to date on coverage for all the products they need. With this coverage, TRICARE-eligible beneficiaries are entitled to a manual or standard electric breast pump with a birth event, which includes birth or adoption. Moms can get their TRICARE-covered breast pump and supplies starting at 27 weeks of pregnancy and up to 3 years after a birth event. If medically necessary, TRICARE may also cover the rental costs of a hospital-grade breast pump.

How Can I Get a Breast Pump Through TRICARE?

To get a TRICARE breast pump, moms first need a prescription from a TRICARE-authorized medical professional, including doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, or nurse-midwives. This prescription should indicate whether a manual or electric breast pump is recommended along with a diagnosis code, although your doctor does not have to specify a brand or model in the prescription. Once Pumps for Mom receives your prescription, we will work with TRICARE to make sure your breast pump gets to you as soon as possible so you can begin your breastfeeding journey. 

TRICARE moms can also buy their breast pump out of pocket from Pumps for Mom and get reimbursed if they meet certain criteria. As long as you are TRICARE-eligible when you buy your pump, save your receipt, get a prescription, and file a claim with your local contractor, TRICARE will reimburse you for the cost of your pump. Moms can work flexibly with the Pumps for Mom experts and your TRICARE regional contractor to find the best TRICARE breast pump for you.

Does TRICARE Cover Breast Pump Replacement Parts?

TRICARE prioritizes the successful breastfeeding experiences of their military moms. In addition to a manual or electric breast pump, TRICARE covers the costs of breast pump parts like tubing and tubing adapters, locking rings, bottles, bottle caps, storage bags, valves and membranes, supplemental nursing systems, and nipple shields. TRICARE also covers up to six outpatient breastfeeding counseling sessions with each birth event as long as you meet specific criteria, like seeing a TRICARE authorized provider. Additionally, TRICARE will cover the cost of a replacement breast pump in some scenarios if your pump breaks. Contact your TRICARE regional contractor if your pump isn’t working or check the warranty from your breast pump manufacturer. 

The Pumps for Mom team is proud to serve the men and women who serve us in the armed forces. Everything we do is to make it easier to get an insurance covered breast pump, so new and expectant moms can focus on the things that really matter. From our simple qualification form to our experts who are ready to go the extra mile, Pumps for Mom takes care of our military moms. When you’re ready to get your breast pump through TRICARE, the Pumps for Mom team has you covered.