If you follow our socials, chances are you’ve heard the amazing news: we now offer Willow breast pumps! We are so excited to welcome the Willow brand into our Pumps for Mom line of premium pumps through insurance. If you thought pumps couldn’t meet luxury, you haven’t seen what Willow pumps can do. The Willow...
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As moms prepare for the arrival of their bundle of joy, most do not know that The Affordable Care Act states that insurance companies must provide “breastfeeding support, counseling, and equipment for the duration of breastfeeding.” So, most moms can qualify for a free breast pump through insurance at no cost!  At Pumps For Mom,...
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Ameda Breast Pump
Are you eyeing an Ameda breast pump and wondering what using it entails? We at Pumps for Mom want to offer a closer look at the Ameda pump to help prepare you for your breastfeeding journey. First, let’s discuss the basics of using an Ameda pump. Towards the end of this article, we’ll link instructional...
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We are celebrating International Women’s Day with something special for all the mamas out there—a giveaway! Pumps for Mom partnered with Motherlove®, an herbal supplement company for all nature-loving moms who seek natural remedies for common conditions that arise during pregnancy and breastfeeding. We can’t wait to show you some love! Read below about how...
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What “Charlotte’s Law” Could Mean for Breastfeeding Moms in Georgia
Many new moms have enough on their minds without trying to keep up with their state legislature. For breastfeeding moms in Georgia, however, a proposed law in the state legislature could have a noticeable impact on how you pump at work. A new bill, known as Charlotte’s Law, has been proposed in the Georgia Senate....
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Moms’ Rights for Pumping at Work
Moms in the workplace are nothing new. But navigating the unfamiliar territory of determining how, where, and for how long you are going to pump when you return to work can feel like too much to handle, especially when you’re running on about three hours of sleep. That’s why we are breaking down the legal...
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