New Mom? Here Are Some Breast Pumping Tips To Help You Get Started

If you’re a new mom, there’s a lot to learn! With motherhood comes many learning curves, but there are none you cannot conquer. You can overcome anything as a new mom, especially if those challenges pertain to breast pumping. Breast pumping and lactation are some of motherhood’s most beautiful and rewarding experiences.

However, it’s easy for first-time moms to feel overwhelmed when navigating the most efficient ways to breast pump. Every mom is different, so each breast-pumping schedule should be tailored to her specific needs. All moms need to do is find that ideal pumping routine—easier said than done, right?

Finding ways to improve your breast pumping experience is easier than you may think. At Pumps for Mom, we want moms to feel empowered during their breastfeeding journeys. With the right knowledge and the perfect tools, moms can learn to pump correctly and with confidence. Keep reading to learn our tips and tricks to help you start your breast pumping and feeding journey.

Find the Right Pump

Before you begin breast pumping, you need to have the best tools at your disposal. So, before embarking headfirst into your breastfeeding journey, shop around for the best breast pump for your needs. Many factors influence your ideal pump, from your lifestyle to the frequency of your planned feeding sessions. Considering your preferences can make shopping for ideal breast pumps a breeze.

Additionally, moms should check in with their insurance providers before choosing a pump. Moms can receive a free breast pump through insurance to help them get on the right track. 

Prep your Wardrobe

You’d be surprised how much your wardrobe can make breast pumping easier! You will benefit from wearing the right outfits, no matter which breast pump you choose. When breastfeeding or pumping, you must wear attire that allows easy access to your milk. Ideal clothing options include nursing bras and other pieces that open easily from the front. 


As a first-time mom, practice makes perfect. When it comes to pumping, moms benefit from getting familiar with their new pump. Practicing gives you enough time to get used to your pumping schedule. By practicing before you start pumping full-time, you can familiarize yourself with your pump’s instructions and get used to a schedule. By practicing, you can also determine what feels comfortable, where to pump, what to wear, and more. 

The Pumps for Mom team want to make sure you have the best tips at your disposal. Most importantly, we want you to have the right tools to get started. Our team can help you obtain the best breast pumps through insurance to ensure your breastfeeding journey is as easy as it can be. And to help set you up for success, moms can shop for the best breast pump accessories and compression products. Head to our easy-to-fill form to get started, or contact us today!