With countless breast pump brands and models to choose from, it can be hard to know which breast pump will work best for you and your little one–and not all breast pumps are created equal. The pump that works best for a stay-at-home mama may not be the best choice for a mom who is working full-time in an office. In addition, some breast pumps are completely covered by insurance, some require a copay, and others must be paid out-of-pocket, which can make ordering a breast pump even more confusing. Never fear–the Pumps for Mom team is here! We are breaking down some of the best insurance breast pumps to help make moms’ lives easier.

Best Breast Pump for Working Moms – Ameda® Mya

The Ameda® Mya is one of the best breast pumps for moms perfecting the balancing act as an employee and a fulltime mom. This breast pump is small but mighty, with a possible 280 mmHg of suction strength to help moms pump as efficiently as possible. Perfect for moms moving between their homes and offices, the Ameda® Mya fits in the palm of moms’ hands, allowing for easy transportation in a purse or tote and weighing in at only half of a pound. Other brands may be known for compact breast pumps or strong suction, but it is tough to match the combination of portability and power that comes with the Ameda® Mya

Best Breast Pump for Moms with NICU Babies – Spectra® S1 Plus

We know how difficult it is for moms who go home without their little ones because they need some time in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Breastfeeding can be a challenge itself, and it can feel almost impossible to get into a breastfeeding routine when your little one isn’t at home with you. While a hospital-grade breast pump may be available to you during your time at the hospital, it is helpful for some moms to have a powerful breast pump with them at home to start building up a reliable breast milk supply. Spectra breast pumps offer appealing benefits like portability and ultra-quiet motors that ensure impressive suction. With up to 270 mmHg of suction in the Spectra® S1 Plus and Spectra® S2 Plus and each weighing three pounds or less, both are excellent options for moms who may be making frequent trips to and from the hospital. When deciding between these two pumps, the Spectra® S1 Plus with optional rechargeable battery power may be the right choice for moms looking to maximize portability.

Best Breast Pump for Busy Moms – Freemie Freedom® with Hands-Free Collection Cups

For moms who constantly find themselves with their hands full due to multiple children running in all kinds of directions, work to do around the house, or a fulltime career, numerous breaks to pump throughout the day may seem like an unattainable goal. We get it–breastfeeding is not for the faint of heart. Thankfully, Freemie collection cups make hands-free breast pumping possible. Completely concealable under clothing and comfortable enough to wear as you move, Freemie collection cups were made for busy moms. These convenient collection cups are a closed system to ensure the safety of moms’ breast milk and are compatible with a range of breast pump brands, including Ameda and Spectra, in addition to Freemie breast pumps like the Freemie® Freedom. 

Every mom is different, and it can be a challenge to find the breast pump that meets your unique needs and is also covered by your insurance. We understand this challenge and are here for you every step of the way.


Pumps for Mom is here to help moms check another item off of that never-ending to-do list by offering a simple process to get a breast pump through insurance. Our qualification form clearly shows new and expectant moms which breast pumps are completely covered by insurance and which pumps may require an additional amount out-of-pocket. We don’t surprise you with any hidden fees or impossible qualifications–we just make it easier for you to get an insurance covered breast pump. Moms have enough to worry about–let Pumps for Mom help you find the best breast pump for you.