Breastfeeding and Recovery After a C-Section
As if nine months of pregnancy weren’t hard enough, labor and delivery take a serious toll on the body. Moms need plenty of time to recover, especially if they deliver through a C-section. Although Cesarean deliveries are common procedures, they are still considered major surgery, and moms need several weeks of recovery to let their...
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Tips to Destress with a Newborn
Moms enter a whole new world of diapers, bottles, onesies, and burp cloths when they bring their newborn home for the first time. As magical as it can be to welcome your little one home, all the new responsibilities as a new mom can be a little stressful. Pumps for Mom is here to support...
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How to Breast Pump at Work
Today’s superheroes don’t wear capes. They strut into an office with a breast pump and a briefcase in each hand. That’s right–we’re talking about working moms. After giving birth, moms need a few weeks of both physical and emotional recovery. But many moms must find a way to return to work in that first year...
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The Truth Behind 5 Breastfeeding Myths
Myths about motherhood abound, and many new moms deal with opinions and judgments from every direction. And even when moms feel confident in their mothering capabilities, the false or unhealthy statements about motherhood can add unnecessary pressure, especially when it comes to breastfeeding. However, amidst the mixed messaging, it’s important to have a clear understanding...
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How a Breast Pump May Make Breastfeeding Easier
Breastfeeding is no easy task. Whether you’re struggling with developing a steady supply, your little one isn’t latching well, or you’re experiencing sore nipples and discomfort, you’re not alone! And while a breast pump can’t solve every problem, it may make life easier for those first few months as moms get used to breastfeeding. Read...
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How the Color of Your Breast Milk May Change
Just when you think pregnancy changed your body enough for a lifetime, moms’ bodies adjust again to produce breast milk to keep the little one happy and healthy. And while breast milk is packed with outstanding nutrients and antibodies to help your baby grow, breastfeeding can sometimes feel like a mystery. You may notice that...
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Breastfeeding Safety Tips
Even before their little one enters the world, parents do everything they can to keep their babies safe. From baby-proofing the entire house to taking prenatal vitamins every day, moms and dads are often constantly concerned about their baby’s safety. Everything can feel like it poses a risk with a new baby–even something as natural...
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Breast Milk Storage 101
Breast milk isn’t called liquid gold for nothing, and perfectly safe breast milk can go to waste if new parents aren’t confident in their breast milk storage. Moms do a lot of work to make sure their breast milk is perfect for their little one, so don’t let an ounce go to waste due to...
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Finding the Best Breast Pump for You
With countless breast pump brands and models to choose from, it can be hard to know which breast pump will work best for you and your little one–and not all breast pumps are created equal. The pump that works best for a stay-at-home mama may not be the best choice for a mom who is...
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5 Foods to Increase Your Breast Milk Supply
Low breast milk supply can be frustrating for moms who are committed to exclusive breastfeeding. And with no “breast milk” section at the grocery store, it may feel like there is nothing you can do to keep your little one full. However, while breast milk supply cannot be broken down to an exact science, there...
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