Today’s superheroes don’t wear capes. They strut into an office with a breast pump and a briefcase in each hand. That’s right–we’re talking about working moms. After giving birth, moms need a few weeks of both physical and emotional recovery. But many moms must find a way to return to work in that first year postpartum, and in many cases, they are still breastfeeding. It is no easy task to return to work and continue to breastfeed a little one at home, so many moms use a breast pump to express breast milk and make sure their baby stays full. Read below to learn about how to breast pump at work!

Get your breast pump through insurance

For most moms, the key to successfully breastfeeding after returning to work is to use a breast pump. And at first glance, these medical devices won’t fit the budget of new parents who need all the diapers and baby wipes they can get. However, with Pumps for Mom, many moms can get a free breast pump through insurance that can make a world of difference when breastfeeding away from home. Many insurance plans cover the cost of a double electric breast pump, with many brands offering pumps that are quiet, compact, and discreet enough to use in the workplace. Work with Pumps for Mom to get your breast pump through insurance before you head back to the office.

Find a comfortable place to pump

Every workplace is different, so there is no easy answer to the question of where to pump. However, there are certain laws in place at both the federal and state levels that give moms rights regarding where and how they pump at work. For example, the Affordable Care Act requires most businesses to provide a private space other than a bathroom where moms can pump comfortably and safely. This space can be anything from a storage closet or an unused office to a dedicated breast pumping room, depending on your workplace. It can often be beneficial for moms to have a conversation with their supervisor before they take maternity leave to discuss a pumping location in the office.

Take your time as you pump

When the time comes for a new mom to return to work and find moments during the day to pump, it is important to take your time and not put too much pressure on yourself. Feeling stressed about any work you’re missing or what your coworkers are thinking can make pumping more difficult and uncomfortable. Many moms need time, peace, and quiet to encourage let-down and pump successfully, and trying to rush the process will probably not do you any favors. Although federal regulations do not guarantee a specific amount of time that a mom can pump at work, this is another topic to discuss with your supervisor so you can be sure you have the time you need to pump during the day. Some moms even find ways to work while they pump, whether it’s responding to some emails or making a to-do list for the rest of the day. You can be productive in more ways than one, mama.

Prepare for breast milk storage

Pumping at work is a challenge of its own, but expressing breast milk comes with the additional need for proper storage. New working moms need to be prepared to store their breast milk safely after they have pumped, which usually means having access to a fridge or freezer at work and a portable cooler to transport expressed milk back home. Taking some steps to keep your breast milk cool during the workday and on your way home helps ensure none of your hard-earned breast milk goes to waste. Once you bring your breast milk home, be sure to practice proper and safe breast milk storage!


Being a working mom is not for the faint of heart, and we know that the pressures of being a successful woman and an amazing mother can be overwhelming. Take a breath–you’re doing great, mama! Give yourself patience as you readjust to the working world as a breastfeeding mom and a full-time superhero. 

The experts at Pumps for Mom know the challenges all moms have to face before and after their little one arrives, and we are here with you every step of the way. From our range of insurance breast pumps to our maternity compression garments covered by insurance, Pumps for Mom is dedicated to making moms’ lives easier. Explore our breast pumps and compression products, qualify for an insurance breast pump with our simple form, or contact us for more information.