We know motherhood is a beautiful, yet, at times, chaotic journey. At Pumps for Mom, we partner with the best breast pump brands to make picking a pump for you and your baby just a little bit easier. When it comes to the best insurance-covered breast pump, the options can be overwhelming, so we’re providing expert insight into the products we provide. Read below to discover everything you need to know about Medela, the #1 recommended breast pump brand for new moms. 

Benefits of Medela

Medela is one of the top breast pump brands because these breast pumps are designed with proprietary technology that makes mom’s life easier. An added bonus? Depending on your unique coverage, you may qualify for a Medela breast pump for free through insurance. We’ve done the research to find out exactly what makes Medela breast pumps so popular, so you don’t have to.

  • Original 2-Phase Expression Technology: Medela developed this patented and research-based technology that imitates the way an infant naturally feeds to help moms maintain optimal milk supply. In the Stimulation Phase, Medela’s breast pumps mimic how a baby begins a feeding with fast and light sucking to stimulate letdown. This phase is followed by the Expression Phase, where the pump uses deeper, slower suction to express more milk quickly.
  • Flexibility: Medela offers breast pumps that allow comfort and flexibility for every lifestyle. Whether it’s optional battery power, different carrying options, or a range of prices for every budget, Medela breast pumps are designed for every mom. 
  • Double Electric Pump Options: Double electric breast pumps enable moms to express milk from both breasts simultaneously with an electronic pump. Medela creates several double electric breast pumps so that moms can pump with efficiency and get back to business, whether that business consists of emails at the office or a dirty diaper at home.
  • Trusted Performance: Medela has been the #1 recommended breast pump brand for over 20 years. Although warranties vary from pump to pump, Medela is committed to working with nursing moms to ensure their pumps are helping moms breastfeed with ease. 

What Are My Choices for Medela Breast Pumps?

Pumps for Mom offers new moms multiple choices so you can find the best breast pump that fits your lifestyle. When you work with us, you’ll find some of the most popular Medela breast pumps that can work with your insurance. 

  • Advanced Personal Double Breast Pump Starter Set: This compact pump is frequently covered by insurance and comes in a soft, easy-to-carry case. Additionally, this product comes with Medela breast shields, breast milk bottles, tubing, and more to keep your pump running at its best. 
  • Medela Pump in Style® Advanced: One of the most popular pump options from Medela, the Pump in Style® Advanced, comes in four styles to fit the needs of every nursing mom. The pump can operate from a power adapter plugged into the wall or from a battery pack for moms on-the-go. Additionally, breastmilk bottles, breast shields, and portable coolers are included with each pump. Work with us to see how you can get the Medela Pump in Style® Advanced through insurance.
  • Medela Freestyle®: With a lightweight pump, rechargeable battery, and options to personalize and control each pump session, moms can pump freely with the Medela Freestyle®. Each pump comes with a backlit display and timer so you can keep track of the time you spend pumping each session. Medela Freestyle® pumps also come with a tote bag to keep you organized no matter where you pump. Insurance coverage varies, so see what your Medela Freestyle® could cost with Pumps for Mom.

Can I get a Medela Breast Pump Covered by Insurance?

With Pumps for Mom, you may get a Medela breast pump through your health insurance. After the passage of the Affordable Care Act, most insurance plans are required to cover the cost of a breast pump, so moms don’t have to shoulder the financial burden of breastfeeding. Work with us to take advantage of breastfeeding benefits and get a Medela breast pump through insurance. 

At Pumps for Mom, you can get certain breast pumps completely free with insurance, while upgrade pumps may have a small fee out-of-pocket. Our simple qualification form makes it easy to see which breast pumps are covered by your insurance as well as which upgrade pumps are available. Moms have enough on their to-do lists. Let Pumps for Mom check off your breast pump through insurance.