A breast pump may feel like an extension of a mom’s body during her breastfeeding journey. But this advanced medical device needs the right parts to work at its best. Because brands like Medela offer so many different breast pump models, it can be tough to know which breast pump parts are best for your device. Plus, using incompatible components could void a manufacturer’s warranty and leave moms on the hook for replacing a breast pump if something goes wrong. Make sure your Medela breast pump works for you by using the right breast pump parts with help from Pumps for Mom.

Understanding Different Medela Breast Pump Parts 

All breast pump parts need to be working together smoothly for moms to enjoy the most efficient and comfortable pumping experience. Moms should double-check to be sure they are using the correct tubing and connectors for their Medela breast pump, especially if they have replaced any parts since receiving their pump. Most Medela breast pumps come with the parts needed to keep the pump working at its best. However, many moms want to have spare parts to keep at work or another location or need to replace components over time. Medela offers replacement tubing and connectors that correspond to their breast pump models so moms can easily get the parts they need. 

Which breast pump parts do I need for the Medela Pump in Style® Advanced?

Moms with the Medela Pump in Style® Advanced breast pump should use only PersonalFit™ connectors from Medela. These connectors are suitable only for the Pump in Style® Advanced, and they allow moms to use any PersonalFit™ breast shield size. For tubing, the Pump in Style® Advanced requires one tubing set, which includes two separate tubes with one round end and one soft tubing end. 

Which breast pump parts do I need for the Medela Pump in Style® with MaxFlow?

The Pump in Style® with MaxFlow™ is one of Medela’s newer breast pump models and offers excellent portability and power for efficiency-loving mamas. Moms have two options for replacement connectors for this pump. The PersonalFit Flex™ Connectors for Pump In Style® with MaxFlow™ were designed specifically for use with this pump and make it possible for moms to express breast milk while reclined in a comfortable position. Additionally, the PersonalFit Flex™ Connectors for Freestyle Flex™ are also compatible with the Pump in Style® with MaxFlow™. This pump requires Y-tubing where all three adaptor ends are narrow and round, so moms can choose either single or double pumping.

Which breast pump parts do I need for the Medela Freestyle Flex?

Like the Pump in Style® with MaxFlow™, the Freestyle Flex™ is compatible with PersonalFit Flex™ connectors designed for either breast pump, so moms have flexibility when choosing a connector to stay comfortable during their pumping session. The Freestyle Flex™ does require different tubing, however. This pump requires single Y-tubing with two narrow round ends and one larger triangular end to ensure optimal breast pump performance.

Which breast pump parts do I need for the Medela Freestyle?

The outstanding portability of the Medela Freestyle™ means moms may want plenty of spare parts so they can pump wherever they go. The Medela Freestyle™ requires a unique connector designed for this pump, and it is compatible with all PersonalFit breast shields. For tubing, the Freestyle™ depends on a set of single Y-tubing where all three adaptor ends are thick and round. A collection of spare components can elevate moms with the Medela Freestyle to the next level of flexibility.

Which breast pump parts do I need for the Medela Harmony®?

Manual breast pumps have their benefits, especially when it comes to replacement parts. Because the design of the Medela Harmony® is so simple, the connector that joins the collection bottle to the breast shield is the most common part that moms need to replace. This pump body is designed for the Medela Harmony®, and there is no need for tubing since this manual pump connects directly to the collection bottle. 

Which breast pump parts do I need for the Medela Sonata®?

The Medela Sonata® is all about smarter and more comfortable pumping for moms who regularly express breast milk multiple times each day. The replacement connector set for the Sonata® comes with the necessary parts to substitute the connector as well as the inner membrane. The compatible Sonata® tubing is a single Y-tube with two narrow round ends and one larger round end. 



We know it can feel confusing to see all of these different product descriptions for components that may seem interchangeable at first glance. But each breast pump is specially designed to provide the best performance for nursing moms, and they need the right parts to do that! Pumps for Mom makes it easy for moms to understand what breast pump parts they need and order them from the manufacturer. Moms in the market for a breast pump can explore our brands and qualify for a breast pump through insurance today! Work with us and get ready to pump like a pro.