Three Benefits of a Closed-System Breast Pump

Modern breast pumps come in all shapes and sizes, offering various benefits depending on the model. An important breast pump feature to consider when making a selection is whether you want a closed or open system. A closed-system breast pump includes a barrier that keeps particles from contaminating the pump, and it is the seemingly obvious choice when choosing a pump. It’s important to note that open pumps aren’t considered dangerous, but they do take longer to clean. 

It can be challenging to navigate between all of the functions and features of breast pumps and decide which one is the perfect fit. To help boil it down, we compiled some of the Pumps for Mom team’s favorite benefits of a closed-system breast pump below.

Milk Overflow Prevention

A closed-system breast pump consists of a barrier that keeps milk from backing up into the tubing. This barrier ensures that the milk stays hygienic and doesn’t build up with mold or bacteria along the tubing sides. Overflow causes messes and makes it harder to use the pump. With an overflow protector, get the most milk through the pump and into the bottle to feed your baby. 

Less Cleaning Required

With less build-up comes less cleaning. Don’t be fooled, though; a closed-system breast pump still needs to be cleaned thoroughly to be hygienic. That being said, you likely won’t need to worry about mold in the tubing from milk overflow or other moisture entering the pump. Follow the cleaning directions for your specific pump, and you should be good to go.

More Comfortable Pumping

When you’re sure that your breast milk won’t go into the tubing due to the closed-system barrier, you can relax into any position in which you want to pump. Recline with the confidence that your milk won’t overflow back into the tubing. The calmer you are while pumping, the more your muscles will relax to let the milk flow with ease. 

Closed-System Breast Pumps

We offer a wide variety of closed-system breast pumps at Pumps for Mom. The Spectra S1 Plus, for example, is a great pump that comes with a backflow protector to guard against harmful bacteria and create a comforting experience. The Medela Freestyle Flex is another model that offers backflow protection, preventing milk from entering the tubing flow and motor. The Elvie Stride is also a closed-system pump, making it perfect for moms who want an easy-to-clean pump. These are only three examples of the many pumps we offer; no matter which closed-system pump you choose, your milk will be safe, secure, and clean.

We know that choosing a breast pump can feel overwhelming. Pumps for Mom is here to help you find the best pump for you and your baby, and we’ll even walk you through how to qualify for a free breast pump through insurance! Start by filling out our quick online form, or reach out for more information. We offer a large selection of breast pumps, including closed-system pumps, and are with you every step of getting a breast pump.