There are lots of things for expectant moms to learn before their little one arrives. From how to change a diaper quickly to the best positions for breastfeeding, motherhood doesn’t come without some research. And when it comes to breastfeeding or using a breast pump, moms may feel overwhelmed as they learn more about the products that are designed to help them. Find the right breast pump for you with help from Pumps for Mom! Read below to learn more about closed system breast pumps and discover if this kind of breast pump is right for you.

Types of Breast Pumps

Different breast pumps are uniquely designed to meet the needs of every nursing mom. Certain breast pumps are made to be lightweight and easily portable, while others are designed to maximize suction strength or battery life. Breast pumps can also be differentiated based on specific features that they have. For example, a double electric breast pump uses an electric motor and can express breast milk from both breasts at once, while a manual breast pump relies on a physical pump for manual suction to express breast milk. Open or closed system breast pumps are another way to classify different types of breast pumps.

What is a Closed System Breast Pump?

Because breast pumps are medical devices that help provide essential nutrition to infants, sterility and safety are critical to an effective product. A closed system acts as an additional safety feature that prevents any breast milk from flowing back into the pump, often using a physical barrier in the tubing. This helps protect the pump and ensures that the breast milk only travels through the most hygienic parts of the machine. In an open system breast pump, there is no barrier or overflow protection to keep breast milk from backing up into the tubing. Closed system vs. open system breast pumps are not medical terms but are marketing terms used by different brands. Be sure to check the exact specifications of your breast pump to see if safety features like a closed system, backflow prevention, or overflow protection are included.

Examples of Closed System Breast Pumps

Although the kind of barrier can change between brands and models, most breast pumps on the market today are considered closed system breast pumps. Ameda, Medela, Spectra, and many other top breast pump brands offer closed system breast pumps with additional safety features to keep breast milk free of contaminants. The Ameda Mya Joy, the Medela Pump in Style with MaxFlow, and the Spectra S2 Plus are some of the most popular closed system breast pumps available and can be ordered through insurance with help from Pumps for Mom. 


At Pumps for Mom, we are passionate about helping new and expectant moms get the insurance-covered products they need to breastfeed with confidence. Our range of breast pumps makes it easy for moms to find the product that meets their needs and is covered by insurance. Explore our available products and let the maternity product specialists at Pumps for Mom help you find the best breast pump through insurance for you.