There’s no reason a breastfeeding mother should miss out on any holidays or traditions, including Halloween costumes! Whether you’re ready to go out and about or want to be festive and pass out candy at home, Pumps for Mom has you covered with the cutest Halloween costumes for breastfeeding moms. 

Below are two categories: costumes that celebrate breastfeeding and costumes that make it easy to breastfeed. We break down each section with both an outfit for mom and one for baby, and we also describe how to make each costume. Grab your little one and some crafting tools to get started!


Costumes that Celebrate Breastfeeding 

Costumes that don’t shy away from showcasing breastfeeding can be some of the most fun. Why not celebrate your motherhood and all that comes with it? Lean into the milk theme with these costume ideas.


Pumpin’ Spice Latte

We’re all about the pumps here at Pumps for Mom, so we highly recommend any costumes that can work with a pumping theme. Try a pumpin’ spice latte by dressing as a classic fall favorite, the “pumpkin spice latte.” 

Are you making your own? It’s easy! Just wear a white beanie on top of your head as the whipped cream. Wear a neutral color like white pants and a shirt for the cup, and use a large cardboard box to make a cup sleeve. Paint two pumpkins or a breast pump on the chest to make it extra fun. 

Are you matching with your baby? Dress them as a pumpkin! DIY the look with an orange pillowcase and black fabric paint. Just paint a Jack-o’-Lantern’s face onto the pillowcase and sew it together into a onesie with holes for arms, legs, and head, and you’re done!


Got Milk? I Do! 

Do you remember the “Got Milk?” campaign that started in the 1990s? Wear a white shirt that says “Got Milk?” with “I Do!” written underneath for a simple costume that shows off your breastfeeding pride. You can either purchase a shirt online or create one yourself with fabric markers. Add a milk mustache above your lip with face paint as a final touch. 

As for your baby, “Got Milk?” is a great way to match without putting them in an uncomfortable costume. Replicate the t-shirt with a onesie version for your baby. It’s easy, but it’s also clever and is sure to get a chuckle from other parents.


The Nursing Nurse

Wear a nurse costume to show everyone that you are a “nursing nurse.” There are plenty of nurse Halloween costumes out there but stick with a white skirt, white button-down, and white hat if you are DIY-ing it. Maybe add a red cross or name badge for good measure. Bonus: the buttons make it easy for moms to breastfeed or pump wherever they go to celebrate Halloween.

Dress your baby as a doctor to match the theme. If you’re making it yourself, you can either sew the costume out of scrub material or get a light blue or green jumpsuit, matching hat, and white jacket.


Milk Maid

Wear a milkmaid costume to hone in on the milk theme. There are plenty of milkmaid costumes out there, like the nurse outfit, but it’s also easy to make for yourself. All you need is a peasant blouse, skirt, and long socks or tights. Wear boots or clogs and tie a ribbon around your waist. If it’s cold outside, a sweater adds to the look as well.

The milkmaid outfit provides a perfect opportunity to dress your child as a cute calf! If you can’t find a cow onesie, wrap them in white and add black spots with fabric or paint. Cut out black felt ears and glue or sew them to the outfit’s hood. 


Milk and Cookies 

We couldn’t leave out one of the most classic pairings as a final costume idea in this category: milk and cookies!. As the mom, dress up as a carton of milk. Like the latte above, an old cardboard box is key to creating this look. Cut two boxes out to look like milk cartons and tie them together at the top with a string; wear the string over your shoulder like suspenders with the cartons hanging down. Paint both sides to look like a milk carton.

Dress your baby like a cookie with only a few steps. Cut brown felt into circles and glue or sew them to a beige outfit. Voilà! You have a chocolate chip cookie that is cute enough to eat.


Costumes that Make It Easy to Breastfeed

You may want to dress up for Halloween and be able to breastfeed without your costume specifically calling out milk; we get it. Here are a few ideas for outfits that make it easy to breastfeed whether you’re trick-or-treating, at a party, or home without having to take off a tricky costume when your baby needs to eat.


Greek Goddess

Now is the time to pull out that old toga from college because a Greek goddess is an easy costume to wear as a nursing mother. If you’re looking for specific inspiration, Rhea was the Greek goddess of fertility and the mother of the gods, so we know she appreciates breastfeeding mamas. Just wrap a cloth around yourself as a dress and pull it to the side when your child is ready to nurse. 

Your baby can wear a gladiator costume to match. If you’re looking to make the outfit at home, dress them in a gray knitted outfit. Add gold trim with thread to look like armor and stick a red feather in a gray hat for the helmet. 


Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is an excellent choice for your breastfeeding Halloween costume because the strapless top makes it easy to breastfeed, AND it shows that new moms are superheroes! Making this costume will be a bit more involved than others, but you can do it. You’ll need a red tube top, blue skirt, and gold fabric to use for the trim and waist. You’ll also need to find tall boots that you can put some of the gold fabric on as well.

As for the baby’s costume, any superhero or member of the Justice League will work in tandem with Wonder Woman. Get creative with a superhero t-shirt, tights, underwear or a diaper on top, and a little cape made from scrap fabric.


Regina George

Regina George is the iconic villain in the 2004 film “Mean Girls.” Known for being fashionable, one of her outfits is particularly perfect for breastfeeding moms. In one scene, the breast section in her white tank top is cut out to reveal a purple bra underneath; it was meant as a prank but spurred a trend at her high school. 

Wear a purple nursing bra underneath a white tank with the same circles cut out to replicate the look. Add in a black skirt and blonde wig; you’ll look just like Regina and be able to breastfeed at the same time! Your baby can dress as any of the “Mean Girl” characters to match. We think a pink polo with blue jeans is an effortless and perfectly coordinated outfit. 


We hope you try out one of these costume ideas, and if you do, be sure to tag us on social media! Even if you don’t want to dress up, we encourage new moms to remember to have fun on Halloween no matter where they are in their breastfeeding journey. Learn more about Pumps for Mom and explore our insurance-covered breast pumps today!