Congratulations, mama! You made it through nine months of pregnancy and labor and delivery!  Your body went through a lot over the past few months. Thankfully, maternity compression garments are designed to help your recovery go as smoothly as possible in your postpartum life. Learn more about how postpartum compression garments can help you look and feel your best as you master motherhood one day at a time.


Typical Postpartum Recovery

No one ever said having a baby is easy. That’s why all moms are true superheroes. The postpartum recovery process can be difficult for some women, but it’s also necessary in order to heal. Moms who have a vaginal birth usually experience soreness, backaches, pain in the perineum, and sore nipples in those first few weeks after delivery. The recovery process for moms who deliver via C-section is similar. However, this surgical procedure leaves a large scar that requires special care for several weeks after delivery, in addition to general soreness all over the body and around the incision. Thankfully, postpartum compression garments can help moms recover from delivery quickly and safely.

Postpartum Compression Garments and Moms’ Recovery

Postpartum compression garments are designed to help moms care for their bodies and their new little ones, with specific products made for each kind of delivery. Postpartum compression garments for vaginal deliveries prioritize reducing pain and discomfort, stabilizing the hips, pelvis, and lower back, supporting loose skin and strained muscles, and promoting circulation to reduce swelling. Postpartum compression garments for C-sections are specifically designed to stabilize and protect the C-section incision to improve healing, reduce swelling, and provide additional hip and lower back support. Each of these products are made to support the most vulnerable parts of moms’ recovering bodies so they can feel their best as they care for a newborn.

Is a Postpartum Compression Garment Different from Shapewear?

Many new moms may wonder if they can use shapewear in place of postpartum compression garments. However, these two products have notably different effects on moms’ bodies. Typical pieces of shapewear are usually designed only for compression and to alter the shape of a woman’s body without much consideration of comfort. Often made of less breathable materials and with limited stretch, shapewear is not made to support the areas of the body that new moms need to care for. 

Postpartum compression garments, on the other hand, are made with moms’ bodies in mind and are usually developed with input from a medical professional. Compression garments contain supportive panels and breathable fabric that encourages healing and protects the parts of moms’ bodies that went through the most during pregnancy and delivery. Additionally, many postpartum compression products are considered medical products, and with a doctor’s prescription, moms may be able to get a free compression product through insurance.

We know these long months of pregnancy haven’t been easy, and labor and delivery is no walk in the park. But postpartum compression garments may help you care for yourself so you can take care of your new little one. You’ve got this, mama!


The Pumps for Mom team is passionate about making moms’ lives easier, whether through an insurance breast pump or a postpartum compression garment. The experts at Pumps for Mom can help you understand your insurance coverage so you can get the medical products you need to take on motherhood. Focus on what’s most important, like your pregnancy, delivery, and recovery, and let Pumps for Mom take care of your breast pump and postpartum compression products.