Motherhood is not cheap. From diapers and toys to onesies and strollers, the never-ending list of items that parents need to purchase before their little one arrives is intimidating. For many parents-to-be, any opportunity to save a few dollars in those first few years is more than welcome. Believe it or not, insurance providers like Humana can help families save on the essentials moms need to breastfeed. Learn more about how to get a breast pump through Humana and what other products may be covered with Pumps for Mom.

Are breast pumps covered by Humana?

With most Humana plans, new and expectant moms can get a breast pump for no out-of-pocket costs. Some plans require the insurance breast pump to retail for less than $200 if it is being purchased, while other plans will cover a breast pump that costs more than $200 if it is rented. Regardless of the Humana plan, moms must use a durable medical equipment (DME) provider that is in their network. The maternity product specialists at Pumps for Mom help moms verify their coverage and ensure our breast pumps are in-network for Humana. 

How can I get a breast pump through Humana?

Getting a breast pump through Humana is one of the easier items you check off your pregnancy to-do list when you work with Pumps for Mom. Our team does the heavy lifting while you find the Humana breast pump that works best for you. From requesting a prescription through your doctor’s office to verifying your coverage with Humana, our maternity product specialists work with you through every step of the process until your insurance breast pump arrives at your door. Our simple qualification form can help moms decide which breast pump may work best and determine whether it is covered with insurance or may require a small out-of-pocket fee. 

Does Humana cover breast pump replacement parts?

In addition to insurance breast pumps, Humana may also cover certain breast pump replacement parts and other services related to breastfeeding. These services typically vary depending on the plan, so parents should speak directly with their insurance provider to see what is included in their coverage. Humana offers some programs to assist expectant moms through the challenges of pregnancy, labor, and delivery and begin breastfeeding successfully when their little one arrives. If your Humana breast pump breaks or malfunctions, the most common recommendation is to utilize the breast pump warranty through the manufacturer. If your Humana plan does not cover replacement parts, many brands will replace breast pump tubing, flanges, and other parts as long as the pump is in warranty.

While many people assume insurance coverage is only useful in an emergency, insurance benefits can help new and expectant moms make the most of their breastfeeding journey from start to finish. Take advantage of your insurance benefits and get your breast pump through Humana with help from Pumps for Mom!

The Pumps for Mom team is passionate about making breastfeeding as easy as possible for new and expectant moms around the country. Our streamlined process means moms can spend less time worrying about getting a prescription or figuring out their insurance benefits and more time focused on themselves and their babies. With the top breast pump brands available through most major insurance providers, Pumps for Mom makes it possible for moms to get an insurance breast pump without the stress. Work with our maternity product specialists, and qualify for your breast pump today!