Frequently Asked Questions About Getting a Breast Pump Through Insurance

We get it – insurance can be confusing. With different deductibles, co-pays, and coverage options, it can be overwhelming for a new or expectant mom to understand how to get a breast pump through insurance. Thankfully, Pumps for Mom simplifies the process. We know how to help moms get their insurance breast pump without the hassle, and we are sharing our expertise with moms across the country. Learn about some of the most frequently asked questions about getting a breast pump through insurance with Pumps for Mom.

Do all insurance plans cover breast pumps?

After the passage of the Affordable Care Act, most insurance plans are required to cover the cost of breast pumps. Because breastfeeding has such notable benefits for moms and babies, breast pumps qualify as an essential component of preventative healthcare. To be sure your insurance covers your breast pump, you can call the number on the back of your insurance card, chat with an insurance representative, or work with Pumps for Mom! Simply complete our qualification form with some basic insurance and personal information to see what insurance breast pumps are covered by your plan, or read our blogs below to learn how to get a breast pump through your insurance plan. 

What types of breast pumps are covered through insurance?

Each insurance plan covers different breast pumps, so your insurance breast pump will likely depend on your unique coverage. Medela, Ameda, Spectra, and Lansinoh are some of the most commonly covered breast pump brands, and there are several breast pump options from each of these brands. Most insurance plans cover the cost of a double electric breast pump, and in some cases, insurance may offer complete coverage of a breast pump even if you haven’t met your deductible. Talk with a Pumps for Mom expert or contact your insurance representative to see which breast pumps are covered by your plan!

When do I need to order a breast pump?

Different insurance plans cover breast pumps at different times in your pregnancy. Some plans may ship your breast pump to you several weeks out from your due date, while others only cover the pump within a few days of your due date. Most moms tend to order their breast pump around the 30-week mark, which leaves plenty of time for insurance, processing, shipping, and delivery, so you’re ready to pump when your little one arrives. If you have already given birth and are just now considering breast pumping, you may still be able to get a breast pump through insurance. Many insurance plans continue to cover the cost of a double electric breast pump through the first year after birth.

How often can I get a breast pump through insurance? Will insurance cover a second breast pump?

Most insurance plans will cover a new double electric breast pump for every pregnancy, so you can breastfeed with the most up-to-date equipment for each baby. Other insurers may only cover a new breast pump through insurance every year or every other year, so be sure to check your coverage before you try to order your insurance breast pump.

Additionally, some moms may also wonder if they can get a second breast pump through insurance, either to keep at the office or to have as a spare. If you purchased your first breast pump out-of-pocket before knowing your insurance would cover it, you may be able to get a second breast pump covered by your insurance! However, insurers will typically not cover a second breast pump if they have already covered one. So if you want a spare pump for the office or the nursery, you may need to pay out-of-pocket.

What are my breast pump upgrade options?

Along with our expansive range of insurance breast pumps, Pumps for Mom also offers several different options for upgrade pumps for moms who want to be prepared for anything. From tote bags and coolers to breast milk storage bags and extra bottles, upgrade pump packages take breast pumping to the next level. Most breast pump brands offer upgrade options, so explore our range of breast pumps from Medela, Ameda, and Spectra to find the right upgrade pump for you. 

Do I need a prescription to get a breast pump through insurance?

Yes, in most cases, moms do need a prescription to get a breast pump through insurance. Whether you order directly through your insurance or use a provider like Pumps for Mom, a prescription is required because breast pumps are considered medical devices. Pumps for Mom makes the process easy. We can get in touch with your doctor on your behalf if you don’t have your prescription, or you can easily share your prescription with us, and we’ll start the process of getting your breast pump through insurance.

What do I do if my insurance breast pump stops working?

Although we hope your breast pump works perfectly from your first pumping session to toddlerhood, we know that sometimes things go wrong! Most breast pumps through insurance come with a warranty from the pump manufacturer to cover a range of part failures. Pumps for Mom can help you get in contact with your breast pump manufacturer to ensure that you can get your breast pump through insurance repaired or replaced when your equipment is under warranty.

Why should I order my insurance breast pump with Pumps for Mom instead of a retailer?

Most importantly, many insurance companies do not offer any coverage or reimbursements if you order a breast pump through an unauthorized retailer without getting approval from your insurance. The Pumps for Mom experts work with you and your insurance provider throughout every step of the process so you can get the breast pump that is best for your unique coverage. 

Insurance coverage can be complicated, and expectant moms have enough to worry about without stressing about getting their breast pump through insurance. Work with
Pumps for Mom and get your insurance breast pump without the stress. 

Pumps for Mom is passionate about giving new and expectant moms everything they need to breastfeed successfully and recover from their pregnancy easily. With a variety of breast pumps through insurance as well as insurance-covered maternity compression products, our experts have the tools to help moms and newborns feel their best. Explore our available products, qualify for a breast pump through insurance, or contact our experts today!