Is It Too Late to Get a Breast Pump through Insurance?

If you’re asking whether it’s too late to get a breast pump through insurance, you’re in the same boat as many moms. With so much prepping and planning during pregnancy, finding the right breast pump may be the last thing on your mind. However, a breast pump will be your best friend if you plan to breastfeed. Knowing when and how to order a breast pump can help you meet your breastfeeding goals. 

First, let’s look at the deadlines for ordering a free breast pump through insurance. The good news is that the window of time to get a breast pump through insurance is relatively flexible; you can order a breast pump at different times during your pregnancy and even post-partum period. 

A pump is a game-changing tool that can help you get through the ups and downs of your nursing journey. To make your pumping experience smooth, it’s essential to keep track of when you need to order your pump. Pumps For Mom knows how hectic life gets as a new mom, which is why we’ve outlined the timeline and process of requesting a breast pump through insurance. To make it even easier, we’ve also included important information to consider when ordering your pump. 

The Timeline To Get A Breast Pump

Although the guidelines for each insurance provider may vary according to the Affordable Care Act, popular providers typically follow the same principles. The timeline to order a breast pump is usually flexible, and moms on either end of the spectrum may find the perfect pump at no cost to them. Below, we explain the soonest and latest you can order your insurance-covered pump:

The Soonest

Are you so excited to start your breast-pumping journey that you can’t wait to order your pump? We can’t blame you! Luckily, you don’t have to wait long to obtain your breast pump. You can order your breast pump during your pregnancy as soon as you decide you will breastfeed your child. However, the soonest you can receive your breast pump may be influenced by your plan’s requirements and guidelines. Some of the guidelines that may affect how promptly you receive a breast pump include needing a prescription, only being able to ship out your order 30 to 60 days before your due date, and more. The sooner you decide to breastfeed your baby, the sooner you can take these potential obstacles into account. 

Getting a head start on ordering your breast pump can help you consider what you’d like to prioritize during your breastfeeding journey. Knowing what you want in a breast pump is crucial knowledge that will help you order the best pump for your needs.

The Latest

Ordering your pump at the last minute? That’s ok! With a new baby in your arms and the stress that comes with pregnancy and childbirth, it’s easy to see why ordering a breast pump may have slipped your mind. Thankfully, most insurance providers do not cut off your opportunity to obtain a free breast pump when your baby is born. In fact, most providers will offer you the option to order a free breast pump within a specific window after your baby is born. While we recommend getting your breast pump after birth as soon as possible, most providers let you request a breast pump through insurance from six to twelve months after birth. 

Knowing your insurance guidelines helps you determine the best time to order a pump. Regardless of when you decide to order your pump, Pumps For Mom makes it easy to get your breast pump through insurance. Our range of free breast pumps through insurance offer moms some of the best brands on the market. Don’t wait, head over to our form or contact us today to get your free breast pump!