There is no shortage of tasks that must be completed during pregnancy. With doctor’s appointments every other week, a nursery to plan, and names to pick, an expectant mom has a lot to think about! A common question on the minds of many moms-to-be is when to order a breast pump through insurance to be sure it is covered and arrives on time. The Pumps for Mom team is here to help! We have years of experience helping moms order their insurance-covered breast pump so they can be ready to start pumping as soon as their little one arrives. Read below to learn about when it is the best time to order a breast pump through insurance and how Pumps for Mom can help.

When should I order a breast pump through insurance?

If you are pregnant, the best time to order a breast pump is as soon as possible! Ordering a breast pump through insurance can require some collaboration between moms, doctors, and insurance representatives, which can take some time. Therefore, as soon as a mom knows she is pregnant and wants to breastfeed, she can begin the process of ordering a breast pump through insurance. A mom can qualify for a breast pump at any point during her pregnancy, however some plans will only cover the cost of the breast pump and ship it at specific points in the pregnancy. For example, some plans will cover the cost of a breast pump within a few weeks or months of the due date, while others may only approve coverage after the baby is born. Regardless of when your insurance will approve your breast pump, you can begin the process and qualify with Pumps for Mom as soon as you are ready!

When should I start using my breast pump?

Many moms want to provide breast milk to their little one as soon as he or she is born, which is why it is important for moms to qualify for their breast pump as soon as possible. In fact, medical professionals usually encourage breastfeeding or breast pumping within a few hours of delivery, especially if a newborn needs to spend some time in the neonatal intensive care unit, or NICU. Moms can begin using their breast pump as soon as they are ready to provide breast milk to their little one after delivery and can continue to use their breast pump for as long as they want to breastfeed!

How do I order a breast pump through insurance?

Many insurance plans require a breast pump prescription from a medical professional, so moms should talk to their doctor about breastfeeding and learn more about the benefits of a breast pump. Once they have their prescription, moms can work with Pumps for Mom to qualify through insurance and order the insurance breast pump that best meets her needs. Our simple qualification form makes it easy for moms to see which breast pumps are commonly covered by their insurance plan. Plus, our maternity product specialists will walk moms through every step of the process, from verifying insurance benefits to their breast pump arriving at their door.

New and expectant moms have questions, and the Pumps for Mom team has answers. Our wide range of available insurance breast pumps, our simple qualification form, and our experienced maternity product specialists are all designed to help moms get the best breast pump for them. Explore our variety of breast pump brands and maternity compression garments through insurance, and feel your best as you become a breast pumping pro.