What Kind of Breast Pumps Are Covered by Insurance?

Choosing a breast pump may be influenced by several factors, from personal needs to insurance coverage. Insurance can play a big part in choosing a breast pump, since insurance plans cover a range of different breast pumps. Getting a free breast pump through insurance is easier than most moms may initially believe. Knowing what kind of breast pumps are covered by insurance can help alleviate the stress that may come with building your breastfeeding plan. Learn more about what kinds of breast pumps are covered by insurance and how easy it is to get a breast pump through insurance with the help of Pumps for Mom.

How To Get A Breast Pump Through Insurance

Good news, mama: after the Affordable Care Act went into action, most insurance plans are required to cover the cost of breast pumps. Insurance can be overwhelming at times, so you might have some important questions for your insurance provider before you dive right in. 

To order a breast pump through insurance, you should review what your insurance stipulates with either an agent or one of our experts. Once you know what breast pumps are covered by your insurance, fill out our simple form and let us do the rest. Pumps for Mom has a wide selection of breast pumps covered by insurance and works with many health insurance providers. Below, we’ll review some breast pump types as well as popular pumps of each category that are commonly covered by insurance. 

Electric Breast Pumps

When it comes to strong and dependable pumps, you can’t go wrong with an electric breast pump. Some insurance providers may even cover a double electric breast pump, which will allow you to expel milk from both breasts at the same time. For moms looking for efficient pumping sessions, insurance-covered electric breast pumps may be their best bet for a smooth-sailing pumping journey. We provide some of the most popular insurance covered electric breast pumps on the market, including:

Wearable Breast Pumps

Sometimes needing batteries, oftentimes optimized with a motor, wearable breast pumps are great for moms who find themselves on the go. Wearable pumps sit comfortably inside standard nursing bras. They’re ideal for moms who want full use of their hands while they pump to read a book or cuddle with their babies. With some of the most popular wearable pumps on the market, we make sure moms wanting a wearable pump are taken care of: 

Manual Breast Pumps 

Manual breast pumps are a perfect choice for moms looking for more affordable pumps that will grant them full control of their pumping sessions. Although manual breast pumps don’t have all the bells and whistles of their motorized counterparts, manual pumps are comfortable, safe, and efficient for pumping breast milk. We have the Medela Harmony readily available for moms needing a backup pump or wanting to give manual pumps a go. 


When you’re ready to place an order for your insurance-covered breast pump, we’ll be right here! Pumps for Mom is a dependable source for moms to get all the tools they need to thrive, from breast pumps to maternity accessories. Contact us today or simply fill out our qualifying form to get the ball rolling on receiving your breast pump through insurance!