What Maternity Items Are Covered By Insurance?

Whether it’s their first baby or another addition to the tribe, mamas need a toolkit! Becoming a mother comes with many new experiences and responsibilities, as well as an additional list of daily items to use. Pregnant moms easily become overwhelmed by the incoming wave of endless to-dos when expecting their babies, let alone the impending costs. Yet, a lot of moms don’t realize that they’re entitled to a lot more freebies from their insurance than they may realize. Maternity items covered by insurance can save moms a pretty penny during and after their pregnancy. 

When it comes to maternity tools, getting what you need for free is not too good to be true. At Pumps for Mom, we want moms to be aware of all the freebies they can get through insurance to make their pregnancies a smoother journey. Although we usually rave about the amazing breast pumps through insurance available on our site, we also have countless accessories and garments through insurance for moms to love. Read on to learn what maternity items covered by insurance you can get throughout your pregnancy journey! 

Breast Pumps Through Insurance 

As one of the most crucial tools for early motherhood, a breast pump goes a long way. That is why it’s important not only to get the best breast pump for your needs, but to verify whether you can get a free breast pump through insurance. A free breast pump can help moms save hundreds on such a basic essential. 

Our team loves a high-quality breast pump that makes mama’s jobs easier, which is why we are committed to handling all the hard parts for you. With our help, you can get some of the best breast pumps on the market at no cost to you. 

Compression Garments

Growing bellies are beautiful. However, moms’ changing bodies could use a break. Maternity support and recovery garments can help moms alleviate some of the pain they may experience during and after pregnancy. 

To make the road to motherhood easier, moms can get compression garments through insurance. Our Body After Baby catalog features some of the best “smart” maternity and recovery wear options, based on mom’s praises. 

There are so many wonderful accessories and essential tools available at no cost to you. And at Pumps for Mom, you can shop for the highest rated products for you and your baby. Moms with insurance can qualify for a number of incredible breast pumps and compression garments through our website.  Our breast pumps meet numerous needs and requirements to help moms make the most out of their breastfeeding journey. And moms can also order some maternity and postpartum compression garments for utmost support and comfort during any stage. Additionally, we spoil our mamas with a wide selection of breast pump and maternity accessories. Head over to our easy-to-fill form to get started. Need additional support? Contact us today!