5 Ways New Moms Can Love Themselves

We love celebrating mothers at Pumps for Mom, and we think you should love celebrating yourself, too! Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or just a regular Monday afternoon, take a moment to love yourself and remember that your little one won’t be mad at you for sneaking in a nap or eating a snack every once […]

Medela Freestyle vs. Pump in Style

Breast Pump Basics—Medela Freestyle vs. Pump in Style with MaxFlow

Medela, one of the most trusted brands for pumps covered by insurance, offers an ideal line of products to consider when searching for the perfect breast pump. Two Medela models, the Medela Freestyle and the Medela Pump in Style with MaxFlow, are hot items for new moms. Below, we compare and contrast the two products […]

Maternity Compression Socks

5 Reasons to Wear Maternity Compression Socks

New and expecting moms have a lot going on—like hosting a baby or recovering from birth—and uncomfortable swelling doesn’t help. Compression socks help reduce swelling, increase circulation, improve varicose veins, and keep feet cool and dry. Every new mother needs a pair of compression socks to stay comfortable during and after pregnancy.  At Pumps for […]

3 Things to Know About Your Postpartum Body

3 Things to Know About Your Postpartum Body

Giving birth is just as impressive as any athletic feat. So why are moms so hard on themselves and their postpartum bodies while athletes are winning medals for their hard work? You just birthed another human; your body is powerful. Still, you’re going through many changes, and it’s normal to feel a little off. Sometimes […]