Medela Breast Pump vs Lansinoh Breast Pump

Are you considering a breast pump and wondering which is a better brand between a Medela breast pump vs. Lansinoh breast pump? While both are excellent brands, it’s important to research and find the right pump for your needs. At Pumps for Mom, we offer Medela and Lansinoh pumps and can vouch for both. Below, […]

Ameda Breast Pump

Your Full Guide to Using an Ameda Pump

Are you eyeing an Ameda breast pump and wondering what using it entails? We at Pumps for Mom want to offer a closer look at the Ameda pump to help prepare you for your breastfeeding journey. First, let’s discuss the basics of using an Ameda pump. Towards the end of this article, we’ll link instructional […]

What is a Hands-Free Breast Pump?

Are you considering breast pumps and wondering if hands-free is right for you? There are many benefits to using a hands-free breast pump, and the team at Pumps for Mom recommends trying one if you’re a busy mama who wants to do other things while you pump. Below, we delve into what exactly a hands-free […]

Pumping Essentials Joint Giveaway

We are celebrating International Women’s Day with something special for all the mamas out there—a giveaway! Pumps for Mom partnered with Motherlove®, an herbal supplement company for all nature-loving moms who seek natural remedies for common conditions that arise during pregnancy and breastfeeding. We can’t wait to show you some love! Read below about how […]