Prep Tips to Keep In Mind Before Breast Pumping

As a breastfeeding mother, breast pumping is essential to your journey. When it comes to getting the most out of your breastfeeding sessions, preparation can make a world of difference. Making sure you have everything you need before breastfeeding or pumping can make your sessions run smoothly. Yet, you don’t know what you don’t know, and it’s easy not to know where to start!

Before you begin expressing breast milk, you should prepare yourself with the right tools and knowledge. At Pumps for Mom, we want moms to have all the tips and tricks they need to make the most out of their pumping experience. Below, we’ll share some prep tips to ensure you go into your pumping sessions like a pro. 

Memorize your Breast Pumping Schedule

For the most reliable outcome, you should have your pumping schedule memorized to a T. Establishing a pumping schedule is crucial to maintaining a good milk supply, so you should be familiar with your recommended or curated pumping plan. Set an alarm on your phone about ten minutes before your scheduled breast pumping session to ensure you get in the right headspace before pumping. Take this time to make sure you gather all your tools and tie up any loose ends or chores. 

Massage Your Breasts

Mothers want to expel the most milk they can while breast pumping. However, many things done pre-pumping are the most effective strategies to expel more milk. Massaging is one of them! Massaging and compressing any firm areas around the breast can improve milk expression and prevent pesky clogged ducts. Pre-pumping stimulation like massaging can help make pumping a smoother ride. 

Experiment with massaging techniques to learn what works best for you. Also, keep in mind that 1 to 3 minutes of massaging before putting on your pump’s flanges should do the trick. You can also massage while pumping to help you feel more comfortable. 


As a mom with a hectic life, it may be hard to relax; we get it! However, relaxing can provide moms with multiple pumping session benefits. Relaxing and thinking about your baby before and during your breast pumping sessions can stimulate your let-down more efficiently. To relax fully, slow down before your session begins. Wear something comfortable, set your space to a comfortable temperature if you can, and sit comfortably. Also, you may need additional items to relax, so feel free to bring pillows, books, blankets, or anything else you may need. 

At Pumps for Mom, we want all moms embarking on a breastfeeding journey to have all the tops and tools they need for pumping success. That’s why we offer a range of the best breast pumps on the market. And to ensure you have all you need, you can obtain your ideal breast pump accessories and compression products. Head to our easy-to-fill form to get started, or contact our team today!