The Benefits of Pumping Breast Milk

New and expecting moms face tons of challenging decisions, with one of the most critical being: Should I pump or breastfeed? The truth is, feeding your baby isn’t so black or white. While both options have several pros and cons, the decision to pump or breastfeed will depend on your and your infant’s unique needs. 

If you’re leaning toward the breast-pumping route, you’ve come to the right place! At Pumps for Mom, our team offers valuable guidance to new and expecting mamas and supplies them with the highest quality compression garments and breast pumps through insurance. With our help, your breast-pumping journey should be a breeze! But before you commit to a pump, let’s discuss the benefits of pumping breast milk for your little one. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the many benefits of pumping breast milk, including: 

  • Flexibility
  • Higher milk supply
  • Shared feeding responsibilities
  • Less pain 


When it comes to flexibility, breastfeeding has a lot of leverage over breastfeeding. Exclusively pumping breast milk gives you complete control over feeding times and lets you nourish your baby without being physically present. This can be especially helpful for moms who want to return to work and must be away from their infant for extended periods. So, if you’re a working mama who doesn’t want to be tied down by breastfeeding, you’ll want to consider the pumping method. Doing so will give you more flexibility and let you regain control over your day-to-day schedule. 

Higher Milk Supply 

As a new mama, the last thing you want is for your little one to go hungry. When you go the breast-pumping route, you won’t ever have to worry about milk supply issues. Rather, you’ll have peace of mind that your baby is fed and well-nourished at all times. Regular, exclusive pumping sessions help stimulate more frequent milk production and maintain a healthy supply. In fact, most mamas have a surplus of milk when they breast pump, allowing them to freeze extra milk bags for a rainy day.

Shared Feeding Responsibilities 

We all know the phrase, sharing is caring. And when it comes to breastfeeding, this sentiment couldn’t be more true. Exclusively pumping breast milk allows moms to share feeding responsibilities with other caregivers. This creates a positive balance of childcare duties, taking some weight off a mom’s shoulders and allowing her to rest more. Whether that means alternating nighttime feedings with your partner or getting the chance to go back to work in some capacity, putting some of the responsibility on someone else can be a huge relief for a new mom. 

Less Pain 

While breastfeeding is a beautiful bonding opportunity for you and your baby, it comes with a lot of costs. One of those being breast discomfort and pain! Many new moms experience sore, cracked, or even infected nipples while breastfeeding. These can be a result of poor latching, biting, or intense nipple suction from your baby. With breast pumping, you can avoid these injuries and enjoy a simpler and painless feeding experience. 

Ready to Start Your Breast Pumping Journey? 

If you’re set on breast pumping, then it’s time to secure your free breast pump through insurance! The Pumps for Mom team will serve as the liaison between you and your insurance provider and get you the perfect pump for your needs. We pride ourselves in helping moms get free breast pumps through insurance without the hassle. Head to our form or contact us today for your free breast pump!