As two of the most popular breast pump brands, Medela and Spectra are excellent choices for expectant moms to consider as they prepare to breastfeed. However, it’s not always easy to know which of these brands has the best breast pump for you! Medela and Spectra breast pumps have plenty of benefits in common, but there may be certain models that come with features designed to meet your unique needs. Read below to learn more about Medela vs. Spectra breast pumps with help from Pumps for Mom!

An Overview of Medela Breast Pumps

Medela didn’t become one of the most highly recommended breast pump brands overnight. For over 20 years, Medela has been creating reliable and high-performing breast pumps that give moms the flexibility to breastfeed in the way that works best for them. Their original 2-Phase Expression® technology, which is featured in most of their breast pump models, imitates how babies naturally feed at the breast. Medela has continued to update their best-performing breast pumps so that each generation of nursing moms gets to enjoy an improved breast pumping experience. The classic Medela Pump in Style® breast pump has gotten a modern update and now features MaxFlowTM technology for enhanced performance and portability.

An Overview of Spectra Breast Pumps

Spectra breast pumps are developed with real breastfeeding moms in mind. With some of the highest suction on the market and motors that make little to no noise, Spectra breast pumps are designed to make moms’ lives easier. Additionally, Spectra offers several options depending on specific features that a mom may be looking for, including optional battery power, hospital-grade strength, and plenty of customizable settings. Two of Spectra’s most popular breast pumps are the S1Plus and the S2Plus, thanks to their reliability and excellent suction strength. Spectra’s newest breast pump, the Synergy Gold, takes advanced and customizable breast pumping to a whole new level. This high-end option delivers the classic Spectra features, plus the ability to adjust pumping settings independently for each breast. 

Medela vs. Spectra Breast Pumps

With several different models of breast pumps to meet moms’ different financial and breast pumping needs, Medela and Spectra breast pumps are excellent options for expectant moms to get ready to breastfeed. However, there are some slight differences between the brands that may make a difference to a new mom! Spectra breast pumps generally weigh slightly more than other pumps, but this additional weight allows for a more powerful motor and better suction. On the other hand, Medela breast pumps typically weigh less for improved portability, although they sacrifice some suction strength. When considering Medela vs. Spectra breast pumps, moms may want to decide if portability or suction strength is more important to their breast pumping experience.

Perhaps most importantly, insurance providers offer vastly different coverage for breast pumps, and some plans may only cover certain models of Medela or Spectra breast pumps. Before getting attached to a specific breast pump, moms should work with the maternity product specialists at Pumps for Mom to verify which brands and pumps are covered by their insurance. Whether you are still trying to decide between Medela vs. Spectra or are considering another breast pump brand, qualify for your breast pump through insurance today with Pumps for Mom!