Hospital Strength vs. Hospital Grade Breast Pumps—What’s the Difference?

For some first-time moms, it can feel like there is an endless variety of maternity products that may as well be described in a foreign language. With so many different products and breast pumps dedicated to helping moms through their breastfeeding journey, it can be difficult to know which items are right for you! And when it comes to hospital strength vs. hospital grade breast pumps, knowing what you and your little one need is essential. With specific qualifications for insurance coverage and different features, moms-to-be should take some time to understand the differences between a hospital strength and a hospital grade breast pump. Read below to learn more with Pumps for Mom!

What is a hospital grade breast pump?

Generally, a hospital grade breast pump is a multi-user device rented to one mom at a time and is designed with special customization options to maximize breast milk expression. Hospital grade breast pumps are usually created with features like strong suction and unique expression technology that make it easier for moms and babies with certain medical conditions to feed with breast milk. Because these pumps can be rented to many different moms throughout a product’s lifespan, these devices are also equipped with distinctive safety features to prevent breast milk contamination. The Food and Drug Administration does not certify breast pumps as “hospital grade,” so each mom should discuss her options with a doctor to ensure she is renting a multi-user, hospital grade breast pump from an authorized provider. 

What is a hospital strength breast pump?

In many cases, the term hospital strength is used purely for marketing, so it can mean different things depending on the breast pump brand. For most breast pumps, hospital strength simply means that it has customizable and powerful suction settings, so moms can express breast milk efficiently. Breast pumps have a wide range of suction strengths, and many of the newest pumps come with state-of-the-art features designed to make breast pumping as easy as possible. Some hospital strength breast pumps are even made to be wearable so moms can pump hands-free without sacrificing suction performance. Basically, there’s not much a hospital strength breast pump can’t do.

Is a hospital strength or hospital grade breast pump right for me?

In most cases, a hospital strength, double electric breast pump is powerful enough to help moms express breast milk comfortably and quickly. Plus, most insurance plans completely cover the cost of a double electric breast pump to help moms through their breastfeeding journey. Therefore, a hospital grade breast pump is not right for everyone, and most new moms can find a hospital strength breast pump that meets their needs and doesn’t break the bank. Moms who need a hospital grade breast pump may be able to qualify through insurance if their baby has specific medical conditions. Approved conditions vary depending on each mom’s insurance plan but often include premature birth resulting in low birth weight, an extended stay in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), or a birth defect that affects a newborn’s physical ability to breastfeed.

At Pumps for Mom, we are passionate about helping moms get the tools they need to breastfeed successfully. From breast pumps to postpartum compression garments, our products are made to make moms’ lives easier. Our maternity product specialists can walk moms through the process of getting a breast pump through insurance so they are ready to breastfeed with confidence as soon as their little one arrives. Explore our available products and qualify for a breast pump through insurance today!