When to Use a Maternity Support Band & Other Maternity Compression Garments

As much as pregnant moms love their growing bellies, they certainly could do without the discomfort. Pregnancy often leaves moms with sore hips and backs, swelling legs, and the list goes on. The road to motherhood is full of many beautiful experiences and changes that can take their gradual toll on the body. Luckily, many products on the market, such as maternity compression garments, offer the proper support and relieve the common discomforts experienced during pregnancy. 

When you think of insurance-covered products designed to help you through motherhood, maternity compression garments may not come to mind. However, you can obtain maternity compression garments through insurance. 

Maternity support products are ideal for moms who want some extra support in any stage of their journey, from pregnancy to postpartum recovery. Pumps for Mom offers support and recovery wear that helps you focus on your baby while taking care of your recovering body. Below, you’ll find a guide for when you can use maternity support products throughout your early motherhood. 

Maternity Support Bands

Maternity support bands are ideal for moms looking to reduce pregnancy-related corporal discomforts. Also known as “belly bands,” maternity support bands are designed to alleviate back, abdominal, hip, and sciatica pain. Most belly bands also grow with you so that you have proper support every step of the way. We provide the Body After Baby NINER Premium Support Band for moms with a wide range of support needs and the Body After Baby Motherload Maternity Band for active moms. 

Recovery Garments

Postpartum recovery garments allow you to focus on your new baby after birth. The compression bands can aid the recovery process and alleviate pain. Regardless of whether you had a natural birth or C-section, there are postpartum support products for you. The Body After Baby Angelica Natural Postpartum Recovery Garment is ideal for those who gave birth naturally and want to expedite recovery. For mamas who experienced a C-section, the Body After Baby Sienna C-Section Recovery Garment targets the incision site and the body parts impacted by pregnancy.

Compression Socks

Just because your pregnancy mostly affects your belly doesn’t mean that it’s the only part of your body that needs support! Body After Baby Capa Compression Socks are designed to relieve tired legs and keep you comfortable. Compression stockings can help relieve swelling, so they’re ideal at any point during your pregnancy or postpartum recovery. Additionally, the Capa Compression Socks are available in a variety of designs to keep you stylishly in comfort, including teal and gray stripes, pink and gray stripes, and black. 

Your body is going through some pretty transformative changes at every point in your early journey through parenthood. That’s why Pumps for Mom offers some of the best maternity compression garments on the market. We make it easy for you to obtain the most popular compression garments covered by insurance at no cost to you. With our simple form, you can receive a number of supportive maternity tools through insurance. If you need assistance or more information, contact us today!